Couple fleeing car crash hide in restaurant, order tacos; man falls through ceiling into bathroom

A man and a woman attempting to flee the scene of an automobile crash went into a restaurant, ordered tacos and tried to hide inside as officers searched for them, KSAT reports.

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As the officers closed in, the man, hiding in the attic, crashed through the ceiling and fell into the men’s bathroom, according to San Antonio police.

The man was arrested and the woman hiding in the bathroom was detained.

The trouble began when police said the pair ran a red light in their SUV and T-boned another vehicle. They fled the scene, ran into a nearby restaurant and ordered tacos, KSAT reported. As they waited for their food, the police called the restaurant and described them. Employees told authorities that the couple was in the restaurant, and as police walked toward the restaurant, the man and woman ran and tried to hide.

The man ran into a closet and found a way to scramble up into the attic. He was crawling along when the ceiling caved in and he landed in the men’s room. Police said he was unsuccessfully trying to climb back into the attic when they apprehended him, KSAT said.

The suspects have not been identified. The investigation is ongoing. No injuries were reported as a result of the crash, police said.