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Brock Vandagriff: The skinny on a big Georgia “Junior Day” visit this weekend

Brock Vandagriff: The skinny on a big Georgia “Junior Day” visit this weekend

Brock Vandagriff: The skinny on a big Georgia “Junior Day” visit this weekend

Brock Vandagriff: The skinny on a big Georgia “Junior Day” visit this weekend

BOGART, Ga. The first read to begin an update on all things Brock Vandagriff has to come out hard and fast. That's how he plays the quarterback position.

This one certainly will.

It will try to mirror how 5-star QB gets rid of the ball for his Prince Avenue Christian team. Decisive. Hit a read. The right read. Move the chains. Go.

Vandagriff will be at Georgia on Saturday for an important "Junior Day" visit. He said he is only mainly considering Auburn, Georgia and South Carolina at this time.

He has only set up a visit to check out UGA this weekend so far.

The now 6-foot-3, 205-pound junior shared a very mature outlook on why he de-committed from Oklahoma and how it will shape his decision going forward.

"My Dad and I talked and stuff," Brock Vandagriff said. "We're kind of sacrificing the best fit for me for other things which are priorities now."

He doesn't have an opinion, or at least a firm one, on new offensive coordinator hire Todd Monken just yet. That comes tomorrow.

"Not yet," he said. "Going to meet him tomorrow and talk ball."

Don't expect him to take a long and very drawn-out recruiting process. H'll can his options. Make the right read and go.

"I like the process being over with," he said. "So I am going to get this process over with once I make a decision."

He thinks he will be committed by March. That's how fast this thing can go.

"Maybe in the next month or two," he said.

What will this weekend's visit be about?

"Mainly seeing who I would play with if I went there," Vandagriff said. "I'm familiar with the coaches. Familiar with the facilities. Nothing has changed since the last time I have been there. Probably just getting to know the players more and the guys I would be playing with."

Georgia has a strong chance here as the true "home" team.

"I think that Georgia has like the top priority and if everything fits at Georgia and if it goes how I expect it to go then I think I will probably not visit anywhere else," he said.

He says not to expect a quick-trigger decision. Not even with the greatest "Junior Day" unofficial visit of all time.

"I don't think I would commit this weekend," he said in reference to that potential feeling. "Because I would go home and just pray about it. I wouldn't make an impulse decision but I wouldn't wait much longer."


Brock Vandagriff: The skinny on a big Georgia “Junior Day” visit this weekend

Brock Vandagriff: The things that really matter here

His de-commitment took place on Jan. 1. When he made that move, he cited that location was a big factor. That was what was included in the tweet.

What he didn't include was the timing of it all. Vandgriff, like all of us, loaded up the family car and headed off to a grandparent's house. His family's roots, especially on his mom's side, are in rural Alabama.

The family feels started tugging on him at Thanksgiving. Then again at Christmas. He had already been thinking about it for two months. Praying about it.

"Then we were at the dinner table with every family member in Alabama," Brock Vandagriff said. "The great grandparents. Grandparents. Aunts. Uncles. Stuff like that. I don't know how we got to talking about it. I didn't say anything about it. I guess it was just the Lord's timing."

Somebody said: "Man, Oklahoma is far away."

He couldn't help but nod his head to that one.

"I couldn't go to sleep that night," Vandagriff said. "I was thinking about it. I was like I got to stay closer to home' so the people I love can be able to watch me and I can still go to hunt in Alabama on the weekends.

This just really seems natural.

"Like just earlier this year the main thing my Dad and I had talked about was system and a fit system," he said.

Hello Oklahoma. See Jalen Hurts. See Kyler Murray. See Baker Mayfield. And so on.

"I would say that's not the main thing anymore," he said. "The main thing is trying to be the best player that I can be regardless of the system and just being like close to the family has been like, become, well, it has really burst onto the scene as important to me."

It is 13.8 miles from Sanford Stadium to his neat and tidy high school locker. It is 913 miles from that same locker to Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memory Stadium.

The trip in the family truckster to Norman is only 13 hours longer by car than the Athens commute.

"Spending time in other states is not for me," he said. "I like to travel. I like to stay near home. I want people near me to come watch me and stuff like that to happen."

The 247Sports Composite ratings place the homegrown talent as the nation's No. 1 pro-style QB and No. 9 overall prospect for the 2021 class. He's the top player in Georgia, too. Seems like he'd be the ideal visitor for any "Junior Day" event this weekend, right?

That's what those rankings services say. What kind of quarterback does HE think he is?

"I think I am just another quarterback who is a pocket passer who just likes to win," Vandagriff said.


Brock Vandagriff: The skinny on a big Georgia “Junior Day” visit this weekend

Brock Vandagriff: Let's tee up that pro-style QB thing

Those are the fast and quick reads.

But it was tempting to open things up with the way he has what his teammates might call a mullet ready to flow out from underneath his helmet.

Vandagriff favors that look. Even though he must get very precise with it to make sure it adheres to all PACS and team regulations.

That's why he keeps his hair is neat and tight on the sides and those locks don't touch his collar (especially when he straightens up) in the back.

There's also the part about this pro-style QB thing here.

That's .. interesting. But definitely not an all-encompassing label.

That title is reserved for the guys who aren't really escape or extend-the-play guy with their feet. Vandagriff has had a season in which he caught 34 passes at wide receiver in high school. He's also had a season in which he ran for 7.3 yards per carry on the way to 1,001 yards.

But now he's also had a season in which he threw for 3,190 yards. The juniorhas also been timed at 4.69 seconds on a laser in the 40-yard dash.

Is that a pro-style QB? A dual-threat? A triple-threat?

He spent his entire freshman year at Prince Avenue at receiver. He wasn't the quarterback for that team, but added 34 catches for 472 yards and four touchdowns.

The 5-star QB for 20201 was the No. 2 WR for his Wolverines in 2017.

Pretty odd, right? But that makes sense to those who saw him punt and kick for the Wolverines during his middle school days. The clips still exist with Vandagriff kicking the ball deep and then flying downfield to be the first man to make the tackle on the kickoff.

Every kickoff his sophomore year went out of the end zone. Could probably punt in college in he couldn't throw the ball a lick. He's also very strong. The 205-pound QB can already power clean 290 pounds.

He's still the punter for Prince Avenue. Still can probably boom touchbacks on the regular with that leg of his. But those days are likely behind him now.

Kind of like that flowing hair that creeps out of the side of his helmet.

With that introduction, let's chronicle his first pass as a high school player. It came during that 2017 season. Vandagriff was lined up wide right at receiver. He came across to the other side of the field on a jet sweep.

He stopped. His heart was skipping beats. He swallowed his nerves and let loose a pass running to his left and throwing with his right arm off a jet sweep. The ball sailed 38-and-a-half yards in the air.

It hit the team's top receiver in stride for a catch-and-run touchdown. Of course it was a touchdown. It had to be.

"It was the first game of the season and we'd been stressing this defensive end the whole week," Vandagriff said. "If we run this play we are going to run away from this guy."

The Wolverines lined up. Called the play. But Aquinas had flipped its ends. The look to the sideline was to the head coach. Greg Vandagriff, his father, told them to run the play regardless.

"I get the ball and he's coming up and I kind of launch it," Brock Vandagriff said. "We had an awesome junior receiver Christian Parrish and he ran right under it for a touchdown."

If he had to critique that throw, his evaluation would not be kind.

"I think the throw distance was good but the mechanics were kind of off," he said. "I was kind of worrying for my life there on the sideline."

With the ball in his hands now, he's not worried. The opposing defensive coordinators are.

He would go on to throw many more passes from there. He threw for 267 yards and two scores as a freshman, followed by 3,190 more yards and 28 touchdowns as a sophomore and then 2471 yards and 31 scores in just eight games as a junior.

Vandagriff completed 72 percent of his passes as a junior, but then added 1,001 rushing yards and 23 touchdowns as a sophomore in 2018.

Pro-style? Dual-threat? It seems the line is blurred here. Greg Vandagriff, his father, doesn't care about the rushing totals anymore for the 5-star who sits at his dinner table.

Those carries just add up to hits for Vandagriff. Chances for him to leave the game. That's what the other team wants.

"I wouldn't say I'm just like a strict pro-style passer but I mean that's what I try to be," Brock Vandagriff said. "I don't try to be the dual-threat guy because I know I'm not going to be outrunning people at the next level and stuff like that. Being able to work on some things in the pocket in high school is helping me mature as a player. That's because I don't do the things in high school that I am not going to be doing at the next level."

"I wouldn't say I am a pure pocket passer but I wouldn't say I am a dual-threat," Vandagriff said. "I do run when I have to but it is not fifty-fifty."

His father started out as a defensive guy in his coaching career. That has been an asset. Even if he did draw it up backwards in the eyes of his son. He taught Brock how to read defenses and read coverages at an early age. He knows what the other side is always thinking and trying to do.

Ron Veal, who also trained Trevor Lawrence, has worked with him and his father over the last few years.

"He's a great dude and an older male figure in my life," Brock Vandagriff said. "I look up to him and I'm glad that I have someone else I can ask questions about. Ron's taught my dad some stuff as well and all three of us have matured in our understanding of the quarterback position."


Brock Vandagriff: The skinny on a big Georgia “Junior Day” visit this weekend

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