One Man's Opinion: Thank You Johnny

Not even a decade out of the University of Georgia (Class of 1966), Johnny Isakson was first elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 1976, in the aftermath and GOP wreckage of Watergate. Most Americans were still running from the party of Nixon, while Isakson and a handful of others in Georgia were instead trying to build out a two-party system.

Throughout the remaining 70s and 80s, Isakson, soon the Georgia House Minority Leader, would join his State Senate counter-part Paul Coverdell, along with DeKalb GOP Senator Bob Bell, in building a party calling for smaller, more efficient government, free markets, individual responsibility and the fiscal conservatism which would long define the Georgia Republican Party. Isakson, Bell and Coverdell were a strong trio, raising funds, credibility and visibility, traveling the state and particularly seeking support from Georgia's fast growing business community. Then Congressman Newt Gingrich would arrive later on the scene, create GOPAC and begin building out the machinery which would result in the GOP take-over of the U.S. Congress in 1994 (as well the Georgia Congressional delegation majority which it has held since). But while Gingrich was a grenade thrower always seeking the spotlight and attention, the man who would later hold his congressional seat (Isakson), was instead focused on building consensus and getting results. Thank you Johnny.

Isakson would carry the mantle for a GOP contest for Governor in 1990, losing to then Lieutenant Governor Zell Miller. Miller thought enough of his opponent that he would later appoint him chair of the State School Board. Isakson would serve as State GOP Party Chair, a member of the State Senate and all the while continuing to build out the family business, Northside Realty, which would go on to become one of the largest independent realtors in the southeast. Through the Reagan/Bush and later Bush again years, Isakson was continually seen as a voice of consensus and moderation, reaching across the aisle whether from the minority or majority position.

"I've been in the Minority and the Majority. The majority is better (pause, wink and smile), but you still need the other side to reach a solution, pass laws and solve the problems facing our nation. Compromise may seem to some a dirty word, but it is necessary to the infrastructure of building legislation," Isakson said.

This moderation would be viewed by some critics as weakness and caused a few election nights to last longer than they otherwise might have for Isakson. But thankfully, in part due to a loyal core of support in metro Atlanta, as well as a healthy percentage of moderates and independents who long followed and supported him, he only lost the one political contest in 1990. Isakson is the only Georgian to have served in both chambers of the Georgia General Assembly, as well as in the U.S. House and Senate. He is also the only GOP U.S. Senator to win three terms and the only current member of our Senate to chair two committees, Veterans Affairs and Ethics. Thank you Johnny.

Slowed by the onset of Parkinson's Disease, which Isakson took public in 2013, Georgia's senior senator was still walking 10 miles each day on his home treadmill to maintain muscle strength and coordination. Though his steps were smaller and slower, his mind remains sharp as ever. His recall for detail, names and faces, figures to the decimal point as well as minor amendments made to legislation is legendary. And though some of his critics would occasionally forget his role as architect and builder of the Georgia GOP, calling him a RINO, moderate or worse...Isakson was never one to exchange that kind of fire. His political campaigns and commercials would remain positive and focused on GOP priorities and his vision for Georgia and our nation. I will miss those jingles and upbeat ads as well. Thank you Johnny.

The bumper of my late model Jeep Liberty proudly holds a bumper sticker in its right hand corner, touting Isakson's last statewide contest, it says simply "Johnny 2016." It definitely says something about the place you have reached in life when one word clearly tells folks who you are and what you are asking about... Cher, Farrah, Prince...Johnny. We now know that Johnny won't be seeking our votes again, though he will always have mine. They don't make'em like that anymore. And that sticker isn't coming off the Jeep. Again...thank you Johnny.

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