Women’s rights have highlighted the news cycle this week. From what I’m viewing, apparently every male corporate CEO in America is shadowing their female secretary, ready to pounce on her and the stranglehold of the sexist American patriarchy remains strong. What a load of crap. These old sexist workplace tendencies are indicators of America’s troubled past, but apparently some feminists want to take things a step further. First, as a millennial male, I’m all for equal rights and equal pay. Period, if you work hard and do a great job, then you deserve to make more money, regardless of sex or race. Secondly, men and women are equal and our roles in society are interchangeable. Period, but I’ve witnessed a new trend among my generation.

Is it a crime for men to communicate differently with women? Last week, I introduced myself to a couple of girls out at a few Atlanta bars on two separate occasions. Naturally we talked and I reached out to introduce myself by shaking hands. Normally, when shaking a woman’s hand, my handshake is a little softer with my wrist slightly turned to the right, and a lighter clasp around the hand compared to a standard business handshake. I figured it was a kind gesture and I did it out of respect to them as attractive women, but based on their harsh responses I was dead wrong.

Fellas you shouldn’t do that, because I pissed both these ladies off. I was greeted with disgust and an awkward sexist lecture by one girl, while the other asked me to shake her hand the ‘correct’ business way. I’m sorry, but I didn’t realize that a flirtatious gesture was suddenly a sign of sexism. Again, my handshake was never intended to say that men are suddenly superior over women. It was simply to address her as a woman. In fact, it’s strikingly similar to opening a door or offering your jacket to a girl when it’s cold. Is that rude and sexist now? Does chivalry die in an attempt to make everyone equal? I’m a big believer in millennials and the bright future we’ll bring to America, but do we really want to be treated the exact same in every little way?

Let’s address this now or do you prefer a future filled with all sexes sporting the same haircuts, wearing the same clothes and lacking sexuality and originality? I hope not, but maybe I’m completely wrong. What do you think?





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