Five tips to help you get started on the road to playing Yahoo Daily Fantasy

Yahoo Daily Fantasy (DFS) gives you the opportunity to play fantasy sports on a daily basis and all season long with the ability to pick new lineups for each contest you join. This is a different, more engaging and interactive way of playing fantasy sports everyday.

For those of you new to DFS, the following are some tips to help get you started:

1. Choose when you want to play

Contrary to the name Daily Fantasy, you do not have to play every day. Choose when you want to play by joining a contest at your convenience. Whenever there are sports to watch there will always be contests to play, meaning there is constant and immediate action to be a part of. You have the ability to pick any player and fill out your lineup any way you want with a limitless player pool that only this format provides.

If you're a person who loves full season fantasy sports, there are many advantages that DFS brings to the table for a season-long DFS league. The biggest advantages being that a lineup is not permanent, so losing someone to a season-ending injury is no longer catastrophic, as DFS players simply move onto the next contest mitigating any fear of holding onto a player who is out for the season.

2. Know what contests to play

The more you play, the more you’ll realize which contests best suit your own specific interests and skill set, and game selection can be crucial.

You can pick your contest based on:

  • The sport you want to play.

    • There are also free to enter contests you can take advantage of!

  • This size of the group you'd like to play with.

    • Multiple entries into a contest give you multiple chances to win but it also gives other players multiple chances to win.

  • Contests for rookies or contests that don't include veterans.

  • Whether to play in a multi-game contest or single-game contest.

  • Head-to-head QuickMatches against someone else. This match will generate an opponent that matches your skill level to keep the matchup fair!

3. Set up your lineup

With every contest comes an overall budget to build your lineup. Players who are sought after or generally score more points will have a higher salary than others. There are no right answers on building the perfect lineup, but there are definitely different strategies one can take.

  • You could stack your team with a couple expensive heavy hitters and a bunch of cheaper gems.

  • You could choose to fill your roster with all medium-priced average players.

  • In multi-game contests you will look to set a full lineup of players at each position.

  • In single-game contests you will select your top five players of the game and use the player slots with bonuses to strategically up your potential points.

A strong tip is to follow players' news for things like injuries or starting status and take advantage of a player who may get more opportunity in a given day.

4. Prizes and expectations

Identifying the differences between prize structures is key when making lineups and having reasonable expectations on your return. There is a greater chance of payout in head-to-head matchups, 50/50 contests (where 50% of players win a prize), and contests with extended entry payouts (payouts to 33% or 50% of players entries or “Everyone Wins” that pays out everyone who joins it). Whereas group (where players are paid out by finishing positions between first place and last place) payouts are top heavy in pay scale, which makes it possible for greater winnings, but at the cost of being more competitive.

In the event you do not like the options available to you in the DFS lobby, or you would prefer to play against family and friends, there is the option to create your own contests and season-long leagues. The preferences for these contests and leagues are completely decided by you!

5. Have fun and good luck

Be very careful because DFS can be extremely fun and time consuming. Creating lineups has become a science unto itself, with podcasts, and articles across America dispersing advice on who is undervalued that given day or week, with matchups getting dissected under a microscope. There are many different lineup strategies out there and finding the one that works the best for you is all part of the fun! After you have confirmed your lineup, changes are always permitted up until the scheduled game times, so stay up-to-date on player and game news in order to make late swaps to your lineup due to injuries, starting status, or even weather changes that may affect your expected total points or strategy. Stay ahead of the competition and have fun! Enjoy!

Extra! - Keeping everything fair

At Yahoo Daily Fantasy, we pride ourselves in trying to provide a shark-free and safe place to play DFS. There are many different regulations in place to keep the games fair. Firstly, every player is limited to one account to avoid any possibilities of abuse related to exceeding entry limits (also put in place to maintain fair play) or playing with other players you may know (or posing as a different player). Yahoo Daily Fantasy also prohibits the use of scripting tools that players try to use to automatically set their lineups for them, making it fair when trying to fill a lineup as the clock is winding down.

Even with all of the fair play regulations in effect, you still need to know who you are playing against. Yahoo Daily Fantasy uses different icons for users who are Veterans or Super Veterans. This information can make it easier to avoid experienced players when you first start playing. These icons can be seen next to usernames in the entry list section of the contest details.

In addition to having icons to illustrate which players are more experienced, Yahoo Daily Fantasy offers special contests that restrict veterans from joining (No Veterans) and even contests that are specific to new players (Rookies Only).

Yahoo Daily Fantasy has also implemented a Super Veteran designation to keep high volume players from entering too many smaller contests to avoid hindering a rookie's ability to win when they’re just getting started.

Get started today by checking out our Yahoo Daily Fantasy lobby to join a new contest and start competing for cash prizes!





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