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Tony Schiavone's Sports Blog 

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Atlanta Falcons at Cincinnati Bengals. Ugh...

Escaping into sports is a thing of the past

WSB's Tony Schiavone says if you want to get away from the problems of the world, then sports apparently is no longer an option.

Matt Bryant hits a field goal in overtime to beat the Saints 37-34.  What a game, what a finish!

Storylines aplenty in NFL's week one

WSB Sports Director Tony Schiavone says the first week of the NFL season gave us plenty to talk about, and much of it came from the Georgia Dome.


Hail to the Redskins; I like mine baked

WSB Sports Director Tony Schiavone, a life-long fan of the Washington Redskins, says the team's problems with the mascot and name does not bother him one way or the other, and he has a suggestion.

"My son may only be 9-years-old, but already I've taught him how to throw a curve ball!"

Tommy John surgery? Thanks Mom and Dad

WSB's Sports Director says the recent actions of Mitch Williams bring to the surface the argument about parents involvement in youth sports.

Lee Marshall was the voice of Tony the Tiger for many years, he was also one of the great voice-over talents ever.

Adios, Stagger Lee

WSB Sports Director Tony Schiavone says his good friend, Lee Marshall, the voice of 'Tony the Tiger' was just like the slogan: g-r-r-r-e-a-t! He will be missed by all who knew him.

Sila Sahin poses with a Blackberry Z10 smartphone.  But my question is, why will that end up in her hip pocket? (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

What is the deal?!?

WSB's Tony Schiavone has noticed a fashion trend with females everywhere, but he is not sure why.

Minor returns Saturday after much success getting his sore shoulder ready during rehabs with Gwinnett, Mississippi and Rome.

A Minor adjustment for the Braves

WSB Sports Director Tony Schiavone says after some successful rehab outings, Mike Minor is set to return to the Braves starting rotation this weekend. And guess who was on the mound for Charlotte yesterday at Coolray Field?

Jeff Francouer is a great kid.  He just needs to pay more attention to things or, at least, so say members of his El Paso Chihuahuas team.

Pitching picture gets brighter and Francouer gets pranked

WSB Sports Director Tony Schiavone says there are plenty of reasons to feel very good about the Braves' pitching staff once again. Also, he reports there is a video of a prank played recently on former Braves Jeff Francouer that you need to see.

Julio Teheran is now the number one starter, and if he pitches like we know he can, then that's good news.

Braves' piecing together staff 1 week before season starts

WSB's Tony Schiavone says the injuries to the Braves pitching staff coming out of Spring Training have been well documented, but thanks to some good offensive news and a talented number one starter, all may not be lost.

The Florida Gators are the overall #1 seed and my pick to win it all.

How's your billion dollar bracket, buster?

WSB's Tony Schiavone says it's the time of year again when everyone thinks they're a sports expert, but this year there's a remote chance someone will also become a billionaire.

Oh, Baby!  For Mark Fox's All-Michelangelo Team to have a chance they will need a PTPer tonight, a guy who can do more than a Dipsy-doo Dunk-a-roo!  Awesome babeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Dancing with the big boys

As we head to the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, WSB's Tony Schiavone says a team's RPI can be a very fickle thing.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson end their “True Detective” run this week.

An uplifting ending to a very dark tale

HBO's dark and twisted "True Detective" concludes its eight episode run with a surprising ending: goodness prevails and the heroes survive. And WSB's Tony Schiavone says despite fans who may have been disappointed, there is nothing wrong with that.

The Georgia Bulldogs have had a lot to cheer about this season, and the kids and coach Fox have earned it.

A Dawggone good time on the hardwood

WSB's Tony Schiavone says it's been a fun basketball season for Head Coach Mark Fox and the Georgia Men's Basketball team, even if you haven't noticed.

A candidate for NL MVP?  Well, it's early, but I think so.

Break out the chop, it's baseball time again

WSB's Tony Schiavone says now that baseball is back, the Atlanta Braves have the potential, once again, to be the beast of the east.

Many fans watching the replay of 2013 thought Jimmie Johnson won the Daytona 500.  Wrong!  It was Dale Junior.

A little Daytona trickery ushers in spring

WSB's Tony Schiavone says Fox is getting some backlash from fans that tuned in during the six-hour rain delay of the ‘Great American Race’ but were actually watching the replay from 2013, and baseball is getting ready with more rule changes.

A win by Austin Dillon in this weekend's Daytona 500 would become one of the biggest stories of the year.

God Bless the Daytona 500

WSB's Tony Schiavone welcomes the Daytona 500 to his television set. It means spring is right around the corner.

Atlanta Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez, center, smiles at Spring Training, and he should be.  Full squad reports on Tuesday 02-18-14 (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The new standard in sports: Tinkering

WSB's Tony Schiavone is resigned to the fact that people who run sports leagues love to tinker with the games, but that won't quell his excitement about the upcoming seasons.

Your broadcast team: Scott Howard (L) and Chuck Dowdle were growing impatient with me when we headed back to Atlanta.  They wanted to leave earlier.

Ice Ice Baby

WSB's Tony Schiavone had quite an ice storm adventure of his own this past week and it ended with the Georgia Men's Basketball team being put in an unlikely position.

Sochi delivers; CBS blunders

WSB's Tony Schiavone says there was good and bad TV watching this past weekend, and if you missed the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, then you missed quite an event.

I still have this copy of Sports Illustrated.  I always thought Anne Henning was looking directly at me.

Time to reconnect with the Winter Olympics

WSB Sports Director Tony Schiavone loved the Winter Olympics while growing up, but his interest over the years has declined. This year, he says, will be different.

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