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Nealz Nuze

Posted: 12:40 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014


By Neal Boortz


            Wow!  Those are some pictures from Ferguson, Missouri over the past several days, aren’t they?  We have all seen the pictures of black teens and young adults looting and destroying commercial establishments – a QuikTrip and a tire store, for instance – in “protest” of a police shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old named Michael Brown.

            Perhaps you noticed, as I did, that most of the young black men in those picture reinforced our stereotypical image of the young black street thug … especially the pants worn below the butt routine. 

            Hold on though.  I have what I hope are some interesting perspectives to share on the Ferguson shooting and subsequent riots.  I intentionally spent a day off social media yesterday, so this gave me a chance to think quite a few things through before I put them into words.  I know … some of you are saying that I need to do this more often.

            I’ve been trying to look at the situation from the perspective of both the cops and young black males who live in Ferguson.  I know .. I’ve never been a cop nor have I ever been a young black male, so I can’t say “I know how you feel.”  But I can try to empathize.  Here’s the results:

            First .. from the perspective of a young black male.  Considering where they may or not get their news, and whom they may or may not listen to, it is conceivable that they would believe that the police are out there to target and harass them rather than to protect them? They may know, for instance, that young black males are arrested in much larger numbers, as a percentage of their population, than young white males.  They may know this without the benefit of understanding that young black males commit crimes far out of proportion to their percentage of the population than do young white males. 

            Can cops be trigger-happy?  Look how many stories we’ve seen in recent months about police officers shooting family pets on some weak grounds that the pet, often a perfectly harmless breed, was threatening them.  Is a trigger-happy cop suddenly going to be calm and composed when faced with a potentially threatening situation involving a young black male?  Have young black males ever experienced harassment or intimidation tactics from police officers?  Sure they have.  If it’s happened to me, and it has, it’s certainly happened to them. 

            From the cop’s perspective?  Well how would you feel if your job was to be on the front lines of law and order in a community where young blacks spray paint “The only good cop is a dead cop” on walls?  Is that going to give you a feeling of safety and security on the job?  Being a cop you are going to be aware of the statistics.  You will know that if there’s a shooting, a rape, a robbery or some other act of violence in your community you are going to presume that the crime was carried out by a young black male.  You will know that it is far more likely that a young black male will be carrying a gun than a young white male, and this will result in you being much more wary of any interaction with black males.  Human nature, folks;  prejudice, not racism.  You are going to “pre-judge” a situation based on your knowledge and understanding of the people involved.  All other things being equal, you are in more danger during a confrontation with a young black than a young white, and you will react accordingly.  Yes, Michael Brown was headed to college this week.  Did the cop know that?  Did Brown really push the cop into his patrol car and go after his weapon?  If so, does it really matter whether or not Brown was unarmed when the confrontation began? Was it absurd for the officer to believe that Brown was a threat to his life?

            And what about the people who live in this Missouri community.  Well let me share some things with you that you may not have read or heard.

            That QuikTrip that was burned to the ground?  Do you know that some people who live in that community taped notes to the door apologizing for the actions of the rioters, and begging QuikTrip to rebuild?

            And the tire store; maybe you saw the videos … young black males crashing through the windows of this store and coming out with tires and rims.  Again … the shooting was their excuse, not their reason.  Any excuse would have sufficed for these thieves.  But did you hear about the young blacks that visited that tire store the next day?  Perhaps not, because it didn’t get the news coverage it should have.  These young blacks walked up to the manager of the store as he was surveying the damage and assessing his losses.  They apologized for the actions of the rioters the night before, and offered to help the owner of the store in his cleanup efforts.  Which group do you think is more representative of the community?  The rioters with their pants on the ground, or those who showed up the next day to help the victims? 

            Me? I’m going with those who want to help.

            Some are now asking when black America is going to speak out against this type of violence by young black males.  Perhaps these young blacks are waiting for the rest of America to address the violence they face in their lives every day.  Think about this: The number one cause of deaths of young black males is …. young black males.  About 450 black males are killed by other black males every month.  Perhaps the black community is waiting for whites – and the media – to get as upset over this as they are about the looting and burning of one QuikTrip.


            My first stab at public speaking was at the Irvine Elementary School in Irvine, California.  My 8th grade teacher, Roy Henry, encouraged me to enter.  My speech on the atom and nuclear power brought me a second place behind some stupid girl.  Oh well. 

            I did learn one thing from that experience … the concept of critical mass.

Here’s your basic explanation.  You have a glob of weapons-grade uranium.  There’s enough radioactive material there to give off a good bit of radiation, but it’s less than a critical mass. It will give off a specific amount of radiation for a very long time and it can most definitely hurt you, but the atomic reaction within your glob of uranium will remain under control.  Deadly .. but under control. 

            Now you come in with another hunk of uranium.  Again, it’s not a critical mass of uranium, so you’re just upping your exposure to radioactivity.  Somebody dares you to take the two globs of uranium and slam them together.  Uh oh … now you have gone from two sub-critical masses of uranium to one critical mass and the nuclear reaction is no longer controlled.  In fact … it’s very much OUT of control, and within a fraction of a fraction of a second the entire mass of uranium is turned into pure, raw energy.  It’s the old E=MC2 at work. You’re now a vaporized crispy critter, as is pretty much everything within miles of you, and the landscape is scraped clean.  Why?  You just detonated an atomic bomb, that’s why.  Way to go, sport.  You just had to take that dare, didn’t you? 

            Where am I going with this?  To the wonderful, peaceful, gentle peaceful religion of Islam, that’s where.

            Have you been watching this ISIS crowd in Iraq?  They are lopping the heads off of Christian children for being nothing more than Christian children.  These same bloodthirsty Islamic thugs stoned a woman to death in Syria last week for adultery.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the very man she committed the act of adultery with was right there throwing stones – such is the viciousness of this religion. Would you like to see some pictures or videos of Muslims stoning women to death?  They’re on the Internet – go look.  Look at the frightened faces of these women as they’re buried up to their shoulders and these wonderful Muslim men gather around to kill them.  What an amazing religion!  And while you’re on the Internet maybe you can find pictures of these Muslim men mutilating the genitals of their young daughters.  After all, you certainly don’t want Muslim women feeling any sexual pleasure, do you? 

            Then there’s Hamas in Gaza.  I’m sure the fools who have been condemning Israel for fighting back against these Islamic murderers don’t want to hear this … but Israeli defense forces have now discovered a manual for Hamas killers telling them how to locate their rocket launching facilities near civilians, especially children, so that they can get their women (who are merely chattel) and children killed and blame Israel.  It works to a worrying extent … there are idiots all over the place who believe that Israel is the bad guy here.  As many people have commented, Hamas would kill all Israeli children if it could, but it can’t.  Israel COULD kill all Palestinian children in Gaza, but it won’t. 

            OK … so where does this critical mass thing come in?  You know individual Muslims, as do I. Perhaps in a one-on-one situation you’ve found them to be engaging, intelligent and certainly not threatening.  I’m betting, though, that you’re experiences with Muslims have been in situations where they were decidedly in the minority.  Watching the reactions of Muslims in countries where they are in a decided minority, including the United States, gives you no real cause to worry.  Beheading aren’t likely.  But let those numbers increase – let their percentage of the population increase – and the danger increases, just as it will with larger globs of uranium.  Such is the case in France and Britain where Muslims have been demonstrating, sometimes rioting, as they protest.  The larger the numbers, the greater the chance for violence. There were protests in the U.S. as well, though none were violent so far as I know.

            There is, somewhere, a critical mass; a population percentage at which Muslims will cease all pretext at coexistence and tolerance will evaporate.  There is some number at which the Quran’s instructions that non-Muslims are to either be taxed, converted, or killed will get more serious consideration.  It’s happening in Iraq now to Christian populations besieged by the terrorist Islamic State.  Critical Mass.  These Christians have identifying marks on the doors outside their homes … if they don’t convert or pay the tax as instructed .. they literally lose their heads.

            There’s something to be learned in the U.S. from what you haven’t seen. That would be Muslims demonstrating against the killings of Christians, the stoning of women, and the genital mutilation of young Muslim women.  There are small and limited exceptions, to be sure, but in general Muslims don’t seem at all outraged at all at the behavior of Muslims worldwide.  That, my friends, should alarm you.  Why?  If Muslims who truly want to live in peace can’t or won’t speak out against the violence now … what is going to happen as Muslim numbers increase?  What happens when they reach the critical mass?  When the numbers are so great – and Muslim numbers are increasing faster than any other religion – that elections can be controlled and public reaction can be ignored – what happens then?             

            Muslim violence can be controlled now.  Those in a significant minority have this tendency to recognize their disadvantage and thus behave.  They’re below critical mass.  Do you want to sit back and wait to see what happens when that critical mass is ended? 

            Yes … I know that some of you are just itching to point out that pretty much all religions, including the Christian religion, can descend to violence and depravity in furtherance of their beliefs.  The Christian religion certainly has seen this.  But we’re not going to prevent what Muslims might become by pointing out what Christians or other religions once were.  And yes – there are Christians today who would gladly use force to compel others to live in accordance with their beliefs.  Though the numbers may be small, we need to be diligent in resisting their quest for power as well. 

            Islam is not a peaceful religion.  Christianity, by and large, is.  You certainly can’t find something in the Bible that suggests murdering people who don’t believe as you do. This political correctness must be ended.  This threat has to be faced.  Let’s hope we in America don’t have to discover this first hand because we slept through the beginning of this crisis.



Neal Boortz

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