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Nealz Nuze

Posted: 8:36 a.m. Friday, Jan. 11, 2013

The Great Georgia Cat Chase 

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By Neal Boortz

Listeners have been asking for this …. BEGGING for this … for over 20 years, and today we come through.

Back in 1988 I did a radio program on WGST called The Georgia Cat Chasing Championships. The contest was simple.  You load a cat and about six skydivers on an airplane … then you climb way up yonder.  First the cat gets thrown out, then the skydivers follow and chase the cat.  The cat is all splayed out like a flying squirrel, so it’s easy to catch up.  The skydiver who lands with the cat is the winner.

You can’t imagine the trouble I caused when this was first broadcast.  Sheriffs across Georgia were searching local airports to try to find us and stop the competition.  Advertisers were calling WGST and cancelling advertising contracts due to listener complaints.  It was only during the last few seconds of the show that I quickly announced to the listeners that the whole thing had been a fake.

You can read several Internet articles about the show.  One is here.  Someone created a board game. 

Later we sold cassette tapes of the show for ten bucks each and raised almost $10,000 for the Fund for Animals.

Now … Clear Channel, the owners of WGST, have given us permission to replay this show on WSB and our network.  So you get to hear this classic today.  The actual program was 90-minutes long, so we’ve whittled it down to put it into one hour.  So … the third hour of today’s show, The Georgia Cat Chasing Championship!

Sorry, Orlando.  

Neal Boortz

About Neal Boortz

Neal Boortz chronicles his 42 years of talk radio in his book "Maybe I Should Just Shut Up and Go Away" Available on line and printed from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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