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Nealz Nuze

Posted: 8:22 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013

Random Thursday Thoughts 

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By Neal Boortz

  • My first random thought … it Thursday, isn’t it? 


  • Going to a Cato luncheon in Naples today.  Tim Lynch, the Director of the Project on Criminal Justice for the Cato Institute will be discussing “0bama, Newton and Gun Control.”  Sound be interesting.  Fill you in later. 


  • “Revenues”  Hearing that word a lot, aren’t we? Don’t you just love how politicians change the language in order to sneak unpopular policies by unsuspecting people?  Words like “investments.”  The government doesn’t “spend” money any more.  It “invests” it.  We need to “invest” more on education.  We need to “invest” more on the infrastructure.  Why “invest?”  Because people view investing as good, spending as bad.  So change the word.  Now we have “revenues.”  What do politicians – especially Democrats – mean when they say “more revenues?”  They mean higher taxes.  Right now if you listen to the Democrat rhetoric from Washington  you will get the idea that the ONLY way for our government to get more revenue is to raise taxes, either by increasing the tax rates or by eliminating deductions (called “loopholes”)  We are completely ignoring the fact that the last time we balanced the budget in this country we didn’t do it with tax increases.  We did it with increased tax revenues from a growing economy … in that case, the Dot-Com economy.  So just remember … when you hear Democrats and 0bama saying “we need more revenues,” they’re saying we want higher taxes.  “Want” … not “need.”

  • Word is the White House is getting an little antsy.  It looks like the Republicans are not going to cave on this  sequester deal.  If the GOP doesn’t cave, and the Amercian people see their lives go on pretty much as before, 0bama is going to truly look like Chicken Little.  0bama says these cuts will be “devastating.”  Really?  If the Republicans grow a set we’ll see just how honest 0bama has been with us.

  • Spending cuts?  Really .. it’s easy.  The first thing we should do is get rid of the Education Department.  The quality of our education has declined steadily since the Education Department was formed.  All the Education Department does is take the money from the local taxpayers and then send it back with federal strings attached.  Get rid of it.  Add the Commerce Department to the list as well … and Energy.  Can you find one worthwhile thing the Department of Energy has done?  Just one? 


  • I hope you heard my commentary on WSB Tuesday morning.  I was playing tapes of people who were proclaiming their joy at being “owned” by the government.  Can you believe this?  If you can’t listen to WSB, or you miss the commentary at 8:45 in the morning or 6:45 in the evening, you can go online and listen to it right here.  Just go to … there you’ll see it.  NBC .. the Neal Boortz Commentary.  You can listen, download, or subscribe for an RSS feed … whatever that is. 


  • Gary Mead … head of the Homeland Security department responsible for the release of all of those illegal aliens … he’s resigning.  Well, he says he’s retiring.  Either way … sounds to me like someone is fed up with 0bama and his shenanigans … like releasing illegal aliens because he can’t get his precious tax increases.  Or … revenues.  Excuse me.  Need to remember the right word.

    • Would you happen to remember who Hitler’s propaganda minister was?  A man by the name of Joseph Goebbels.  His counterpart today would be Jay Carney.  Here’s a quote from Goebbels you might be interested in.  He said this in a speech in October of 1933.   "It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion."  Note that Goebbels did not say “affect.”  He said “supervise.” How would you do that?  Well … NPR maybe?  Or the FCC and the Democrat’s dream of a return of the Fairness Doctrine? 

    • Here’s today’s ObamaVoter.  She says that Obama has commanded us to stop “hurting the earf.”  Gotta watch this.

    • Do you ever work out at LA Fitness?  See all those murals on the wall of these beautiful people working out?  Well --- if they do, it’s not at LA Fitness.  I know this, because I’m there all the time, and I durned sure haven’t seen THEM there. 

  •  Someone tell me when the rivers and waterfalls are running full blast in Yosemite.  I want to make sure the BoortzBus arrives at just the right time.
Neal Boortz

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