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Nealz Nuze

Posted: 8:44 a.m. Monday, Dec. 16, 2013

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By Neal Boortz

I will be on the air substituting for Herman Cain three times this month.  Here are the dates:


Monday, December 16.

Tuesday, December 17

Monday, December 23


All of those shows will be from 9:00 am to Noon Eastern time.


Then, on December 26th, I’ll fill in for Sean Hannity from 3:00 to 6:00 pm.


You can listen to all of those shows by streaming WSB on your computer by clicking on this link, or by using the TuneInRadio app on your smart phone.  Just look for WSB 750. 





What’s next after the complete collapse of 0bamacare?  The legislation to bring us socialized medicine, that’s what.  The Democrats, not a small number of Republicans, and the media call it “single payer,” … but the legislation to bring that upon us is being written right now in the U.S. Senate under the direction of Harry Reid. 

            Here’s how it will work:

0bamacare is a disaster.  It’s a force 5 catastrophe.  You think things are bad now .. just wait until January.  That’s when millions of Americans lose the health insurance policies they have now … and will have to rely on the insurance they should have bought through an 0bamacare exchange somewhere.  That’s when millions .. tens of millions .. of Americans will learn that they can no longer go to the doctor they’ve been using for years, perhaps decades.  That’s when tens of millions of Americans will learn that they can’t use the same hospitals they and their families have used for decades.  That’s when millions upon millions of Americans will realize that their health care is going to cost thousands ---- yes THOUSANDS of dollars more each and every year.  And that’s when all political hell is going to break loose.

            What will bring about these problems?  Government.  Plain and simple.  Government interference in the health care market place … government interference that was driven by a desire to control, but not necessarily to improve our health care system.  Control of health care means control of the people .. and this is the leftist, the Democrat, the progressive mantra.

            And what will be the solution to these problems caused by government interference?  MORE government interference.  For Democrats the answer to problems caused by government has ALWAYS been more government.  You probably cannot name one time in your lifetime that Democrats responded to a crisis caused by too much government with … less government.  So as the public outcry over the disaster that is 0bamacare reaches politically unbearable levels, the Democrats will bring their coveted single payer plan – a plan they’re drafting right now -- to the table. 

I can hear the speeches’ now: 

“We tried to reform our health care system through the private sector.  We made the mistake of leaving those private insurance companies out there to prey on sick Americans, uninsured Americans, and our neighbors, our friends, our family members with preexisting conditions.  It is clear that we must act .. and we must act quickly and decisively to insure that all Americans are guaranteed their right to health care without the profit-driven interference of the insurance and drug companies.” 

            Now “single payer” is just a clever little phrase that the left likes to use instead of “socialized medicine” or “government health care.”  If one single entity is going to be responsible for paying for all health care … all the doctor’s visits, all the medications, all the hospital visits --- then the ONLY entity that will be given that responsibility will be the federal government.  At that point the political class has complete and absolute control over your health care, and if you think that you or a loved one will not actually one day face what can only be called a “death panel,” then you are delusional.  The truth is going to whack you upside the head one day … one day when it’s far too late.



            After the Democrats have realized their dream of being able to tell the voters that “If you vote for a Republican they’re going to take away your health care,” what will be their next move?

            My prediction?  You’re retirement.

            The next great campaign for the left will be to first claim that every American has a “right” to a comfortable retirement; and then to preserve that right through a massive program of wealth seizure and redistribution.

            Again … the political rhetoric is easy to predict:

  • “Every hard-working American has the right to a comfortable retirement, a time they can relax and enjoy the benefits of a lifetime of working to raise a family.”
  • “While the retired 1% are relaxing on their yachts and flying to exotic locations on private jets, most Americans who have worked hard all of their lives are left to barely get by on meager Social Security checks.”
  • “The retired-rich play golf at luxury country clubs, while most Americans try to putt the little colored ball through the dragon’s mouth at their local miniature golf course.”

The dumb-masses will be easy to manipulate with these messages, and sooner rather than later the move will come to seize the retirement savings of those who will surely be called “the 1%” so that that money can provide every worker with “their fare share” of retirement income.          

            This is not a new idea.  Bill Clinton was considering this idea back in 1993.  The idea being germinated in his first year was to seize 15% of the outstanding balance of every IRA and every 401K retirement account in the nation, and then redistribute that money to the less-prepared (the Democrats will refer to them as the “less fortunate”).  That idea died when the GOP seized control in the voter revolution of 1994. 

            Well … it didn’t exactly die.  Let’s just say it hibernated.  The wealth-seizure monster woke up when 0bama became president. Over the past four years there have been constant discussions in prominent leftist think tanks about seizing retirement and pension accounts and pouring all of that seized money into the Social Security system; this to insure a comfortable retirement for all.  The probable plan will most likely involve seizing all retirement funds above a certain level so that only the evil, disgusting rich are hit. 

            It’s coming folks … right after socialized medicine.  Depend on it. 

Then another dream of the Democrats is realized:  Yet another campaign slogan:  “If you vote for the Republicans they’re going to take away your retirement and you’ll have to work until the day you die.”

            What to do?  My suggestion is that you start looking for ways RIGHT NOW to take whatever wealth you have put aside for retirement and put it somewhere even the boldest redistributionist Democrat can’t reach it.  Get a financial planner right now … and get to work.  When you’re facing people like 0bama, Pelosi, Reid, Hillary and Warren … you can’t afford NOT to go on the defensive. 

Neal Boortz

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