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Nealz Nuze

Posted: 8:38 a.m. Friday, Nov. 16, 2012

Jobless Claims Going Up! 

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By Neal Boortz

You saw this, didn’t you?  We now have 439,000 new jobless claims for the first full week after the disastrous reelection of our Dear Ruler.  Pennsylvania and Ohio led the pack.  Two union states.  Two crucial states won by Obama.  The Obama crowd is trying to put the best possible spin on these numbers --- saying that they’re due to layoffs from Hurricane Sandy.  Nonsense.  Layoffs in Ohio?  Pennsylvania?  Heavy union states? 

No … what we’re seeing here is a direct reaction to the idiot voters of this country reelecting this anti-business failure to the presidency for another four years.  Here’s how this worked.  These businessmen have been struggling for years.  More particularly, they have been struggling through the slowest recovery from a recession in history.  About two years into Obama’s term these businessmen and investors figured out that things simply weren’t going to get any better until Obama was gone. ObamaCare was looming as an expensive regulatory nightmare.  The flood of new business and finance regulations coming out of the Obama executive branch were a nightmare.  As a result, businessmen and investors simply went into economic hibernation.  They were going to wait until the Obama business winter was over.

Then comes the election.  For businessmen and women it signaled the coming of an ice age.  Things weren’t going to get better … not anytime soon … and continued hibernation was not possible.  It was time to pare back and go into survival mode.  ObamaCare was going to be a reality.  There would be no repeal.  The flood of regulations would continue – probably get worse.  The EPA would soon unleash the flood of new so-called “clean air” rules that will send energy costs through the roof.  Taxes on small business owners are going to rise.  Capital gains taxes on investors – going up.  There is absolutely NOTHING on the horizon with four more years of Obama that gives one iota of hope for a better business and economic climate ahead.  So … it’s time to go lean and mean … and that’s just what these businesses are doing.  They’re shedding employees to get under the ObamaCare threshold. They’re looking for ways to get more efficient so that they can rid themselves of unnecessary workers.  As a result we see jobless claims are on the rise .. the highest number since the middle of 2011. 

The Obama junta wants to blame it on the storm.  Well .. .they’re half-right.  It’s a storm all right, but not Hurricane Sandy.  It’s the storm of taxes and regulations that are coming with the reelection of an anti-business, tax and spend president. 

Elections have consequences.  Here’s your pink slip.  Enjoy.  And if you’re an Obama voter, I’m enjoying it right along with you.  You did it to yourselves.

Neal Boortz

About Neal Boortz

Neal Boortz chronicles his 42 years of talk radio in his book "Maybe I Should Just Shut Up and Go Away" Available on line and printed from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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