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Nealz Nuze

Posted: 8:38 a.m. Friday, May 11, 2012

Maybe there is hope for the GOP 


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By Neal Boortz

I’ve pinpointed the Obama propaganda machine’s strategy for making it through this election: Change the subject. Focus on ANYTHING but the economy. Every day that the nation is focused on some other issue is a day that they are not discussing Obama’s failure to grow our economy and get government spending and entitlements under control. In fact, I’ve searched my memory and Nealz Nuze archives and come up with a list of news items that have dominated the headlines over the last few months. Notice that the only one related to the economy is our need to raise taxes on the evil rich!

  • Gay marriage

  • Osama bin Laden

  • Student loan interest rates

  • The Buffett Rule

  • Trayvon Martin

  • Contraception

  • Right to healthcare

  • Romney’s high school antics

I’m sure there were others, but those are the highlights. Around the time of the contraception brouhaha and the manufactured war on women, I warned the Republicans to stay away from the social issues. But they couldn’t help themselves, and they were sucked right into the Democrat trap. I’m sure that libs and Dems were hoping to do the same with the Republicans on gay marriage.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem as though Republican politicians are taking the bait. (The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for Republican voters and much of talk radio.) But here are three examples that make me believe that the Republicans have finally learned a lesson and are trying to stay focused on the economy.

Rubio calls Obama gay marriage announcement a distraction from economy, effort to divide

Boehner: Gay marriage debate a distraction, GOP focused on jobs

Romney Scolds Reporter: 'Aren't There' Important Issues 'You'd Like to Talk About?' 'Economy?' 'Jobs?'

Keep it up, because after you read the next Nealz Nuze entry, you’ll understand exactly what the Republicans are up against.

Neal Boortz

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