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Nealz Nuze

Posted: 1:00 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2005

Today's Nuze: September 21, 2005 

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By Neal Boortz

Today's Nuze: September 21, 2005
Wednesday -- September 21, 2005


OK .. .so you're wondering just where the opposition to the FairTax might surface?  One place you can find detractors is on a left-wing website called "Media Matters."  If you go to the Media Matters website you will read their claim that "Media Matters for America is a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media." 

Note, please, the use of the word "progressive."  This is the word that the left wants us all to use in place of the word "liberal."  Leftists like the "progressive" word better than "liberal" because, after all, who can be opposed to progress?  And what is a progressive person other than someone who is dedicated to progress?  Those of you who had the good fortune not to attend government schools might be inclined to ask:  "OK, so you're progressive.  Before I can tell whether that's good or bad, I need to figure out to what particular goal you are progressing."  Well, for today's "progressives" the goal is the same as that of yesterday's "liberals." 

In some future installment of Nealz Nuze we'll deal with the history behind the left's attempt to be referred to as "progressives" rather than "liberals."  I'll just leave you with this little tidbit right now ... then get on with the latest Media Matters comments about me.  In my home town of Philadelphia in July of 1948 a new political party was formed.  It was the Progressive Party.  Their candidate for president that year was Henry A. Wallace who had served as FDR's vice-president.  In that election Henry Wallace and the Progressive Party were endorsed by the Communist Party of the United States.  Just remember the next time you hear some leftist or leftist organization bragging about its "progressive" views --- the Communist Party seemed to be quite fond of those views also.  We can also find links between so-called "progressives" and the Democratic Socialists.  More later.

Yesterday the "progressive" Media Matters types seemed to be quite exercised over a reference I made to the death tax and Karl Marx on Monday night's Hannity & Colmes.  Media Matters says that I referred to proponents of the death (estate) tax as "followers of Karl Marx."  OK .. .here's the transcript from that Monday night Hannity & Colmes program. I lifted it off the Media Matters website, so they can't say that I'm making this up.  Here's the exchange between Alan Colmes and myself:

COLMES: So they should not have -- are you in favor of tax cuts? You want to have more tax cuts at a time -- you want to cut the state taxes at a time when they're still struggling to pay for it and help the rich? Is that what you want to do?

SEAN HANNITY (co-host): Absolutely.

BOORTZ: As much -- as much as it disturbs the followers of Karl Marx, yes, I want the death tax over with.

COLMES: I'm a Marxist now, I see. OK.

Not that it really matters to Media Matters, but here we have them cold engaging in a bit of rhetorical dishonesty.  I most certainly did not say that those who supported the death tax were followers of Karl Marx.  What I did allude to was the fact that followers of Karl Marx would also support the death tax and that Marxists would most certainly be upset if the death tax were to be repealed.   Evidently the difference between the two statements is just a bit much for the brilliant progressives at Media Matters to absorb. 

Now ... let's deal with my assertion that Marxists would be upset if the death tax were repealed in the United States.  All we have to do is go to Karl Marx' Communist Manifesto written in 1848.  In The Communist Manifesto Marx and Engels provide us with a list of ten things that really need to happen if we are going to realize the Communist worker's paradise in any particular culture or country.  Let's go to number three on that list.  "Abolition of all rights of inheritance."  So, what does the death tax do?  It abolishes the right of inheritance to at least a portion of one's estate.  The higher the death tax percentage, the more the right of inheritance is dissolved, and the better our progressive friends like it.  Lower the rates and they scream bloody murder.  Eliminate the death tax and the followers of Marx and Engels are ready to drink the Kool Aide. 

Interestingly enough, The Communist Manifesto also lists (No. 2) "A heavy progressive or graduated income tax."  Perhaps that is why the "progressives" at Media Matters are so upset with the FairTax.  They have, after all, been campaigning against the FairTax for quite some time.  How sad for the Media Matters "progressives" if the "heavy progressive or graduated income tax" were to disappear along with their precious limitations on the rights of inheritance. 

Now .. a note for my friends as Media Matters.  Please ... keep monitoring my appearances on television, my radio program and Nealz Nuze.  I know you'll read this, but I seriously doubt you'll post this to your website in its entirety.  It doesn't matter.  Just keep on keepin' on.  Just get that "Boortz" name out there --- and thank you for spelling it right.  If you're known by the enemies you keep, I'm in pretty good shape.


Now here's another phrase that twists my short hairs.  We had an incident in Atlanta last week where a civilian, Shawn Roberts,  saw a crime being committed, and took action.  Roberts was driving down a suburban Atlanta street when he saw a black male beating a white woman and trying to force her into a car.  Roberts turned around to see the car driving off with the predator behind the wheel and the woman fighting for her life in the passenger seat.  Roberts continued to follow the car as the female continued to fight her abductor.  The car swerved into the path of a cement truck.  The resulting accident killed the woman, but the bastard who had carjacked and kidnapped her was unhurt.  He jumped out of the car and ran .... Shaw Roberts was right behind him.  The perp had a gun and pointed it at Roberts.  Roberts had a gun and used it to blow the worthless POS away.  Oh .. and by the way, the perp had raped and beaten a woman in the Atlanta 

the week before.   He'll never do it again, and the Georgia taxpayers will never have to pay to feed the SOB in jail.

OK .. on with the "taking the law into our own hands" bit.  Here's a link to a conversation thread.  Warning -- the participants in this thread are car nuts who post pictures of their cars with their comments.  If you'll read through these links you will soon run across a character who says that Shawn Roberts should be charged with manslaughter ... that he "took the law into his own hands." 


Those of you who didn't attend government schools may already understand this ... but the law IS in our hands.  Law enforcement is not something citizens seize from police officers, it is a function that citizens delegate to police officers.  The responsibility is ours, and we can chose to hire people to perform that function for us.  If the people we hire to perform that job are either unwilling or unable to perform that function there is no law or standard that says we cannot perform that function for ourselves.  Take New Orleans as an example.  After the levee broke, and after many New Orleans police officers fled, residents were left to fend for themselves.  Looters were on the rampage .. stealing and killing with impunity.  Would these "you can't take the law into your own hands" types tell you that under those circumstances you are simply not allowed to do anything to defend yourself or your neighbor?  Would you buy the idea that you just have to sit there and let the plunderers have their way because there is no police officer handy to come to your rescue?  That's nonsense, and you know it ... and it's nonsense to suggest that Shawn Roberts should have simply taken down a license plate number and allow this predator to drive off with this young woman in the car. 


You heard about those New Orleans sex offenders who fled with the rest of the evacuees from New Orleans.  It seems that they have fled to shelters and new communities around the Southeast and Southwest, and aren't bothering to register in their new locales as sex offenders.  OK .. here's incident number one.  At least its the first incident I've heard about.  It happened in Ft. Worth, Texas.  There was an attempted abduction in Ft. Worth of a 14-year-old girl.  A man walked up behind her, grabbed her and said "you're coming with me."  She started screaming and kicking ... managed to get away and ran to her apartment where she called 911.  When the police arrived they found Glen Eric Holloway still wandering around the apartment complex looking for the girl.  He was arrested ... and sure enough, he is an evacuee from New Orleans.  Now Holloway wasn't a registered sex offender ... but there are 4,500 evacuees who were .. and nobody seems to know where they were.   Ft. Worth took Eric Holloway, a worthless piece of dog squeeze, in and provided him with free temporary housing.  This is how he rewards the people of Ft. Worth.  Remember, no good deed goes unpunished.  New Orleans had one of the highest crime rates in the nation .. and the highest murder rates.  Just because these violent predators live in other jurisdictions now doesn't mean they've suddenly become law-abiding citizens.  They will just look at their new communities as a fresh hunting ground for victims.

That's right...start 'em young!

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Walter Williams writes about President Grover Cleveland.  Cleveland, it seems, had no problem vetoing congressional spending measures.  We could use some of that courage in the White House right now.

In the meantime conservative Republicans in the congress are going to recommend more than $500 billion in savings over the next ten years to compensate for the costs of Katrina.

Jalal Talabani is asking Americans to please not leave Iraq until the job is done.

Here's a John Stossel column.  That should be all I need to say.

Morning Sickness: Since we've apparently won the war on terror, it's time for the war on porn.


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