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Nealz Nuze

Posted: 1:00 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 11, 2004

Today's Nuze: September 11, 2004 

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By Neal Boortz

Today's Nuze: September 11, 2004
Saturday, September 11, 2004


After the Democratic and Republican conventions and an encounter with one Hurricane too many it's time to reboot ... and that's exactly what I'm doing this week.  Keep checking back with Nealz Nuze though because my warped staff is going to be putting some of their comments on line, the winsome Web Wench will undoubtedly find some interesting things to post, and I won't be able to resist putting my own two cents worth in from time to time.

Random Notes from Neal --- Friday, September 10th.

  • Are you giving any thought today to what happened to us three years ago tomorrow?  If you truly understand the nature of the threat that still faces us, if you love this country, and if you have one-half the ability God gave you to think rationally then there could be no way you would vote to endanger our people and our national sovereignty by putting John Kerry in the driver's seat.
  • Democratic Senator Joe Biden wrote a 1500 word epistle for yesterday's Wall Street Journal.  Biden told us how wonderful American foreign policy would be if we would just make John Kerry our next president.  In reading Biden's piece you will see the phrase "radical fundamentalism" used several times, along with the phrases "rouge states" and "stateless actors."  You will also see the words "terror" and "terrorist" used at least once.  But not once ... not ONCE in the entire column will you see the word "Muslim" or "Islamic."  Senator Joseph Biden, the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, just can't bring himself to say the word ... to identify the people who have vowed to kill us.  How in the hell are these Democrats going to protect us from Islamic terrorists ... terrorists who will shoot school children in the back and fill them with shrapnel .... if they can't even bring themselves to identify them?
  • Has Dan Rather ever interviewed a member of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth on 60 Minutes?  If he has, I don't remember it.  But he sure jumped on that interview with the Kerry campaign operative who now says he pulled strings to get George W. Bush into the National Guard.  Funny, he was singing a different tune a few months ago ... before he went to work for the Kerry campaign.
  • Question:  Which is more important; (a) whether or not President Bush showed up for National Guard duty 35 years ago, or (b) whether he showed up for duty as Commander in Chief for the past four years.  If Bush were basing his entire set of presidential qualifications on his National Guard duty, then we might have a problem.  Funny ... but I don't remember that being a centerpiece of his campaign.  I must have been on vacation that day.
  • Yesterday John Kerry was telling us that on Day One of his presidency, within hours of being sworn in as president, he will send legislation to the congress to make affordable health care available to all Americans.  Wow!  Kerry is that good, is he? He can solve all of our health care problems in mere hours?  Well, if he's that good why did he cruise through 20 years in the Senate without introducing that very legislation?  He couldn't come up with a bill in 20 years, but now he's going to do it in less than 24 hours?  Amazing!  The man's a miracle worker!


The wheels may have fallen off Dan Rather's Bush-bashing bus yesterday.  Reports began to circulate around the Internet that some of the documents used on '60 Minutes II' purporting to be from Colonel Jerry Killian were actually fakes.  As more time passed between yesterday and today, it's really looking that way.  Interesting....did CBS just make them up to fit their agenda?  Where did they come from?  Very curious indeed.

Right away, questions started to be asked because the documents appear to have been typed out in a modern-day word processing program.  They don't at all look like something that somebody banged out on a 30-year-old National Guard typewriter.  Experts have been consulted, even ones that support The Poodle, and they say the documents are not authentic.

Here's a little experiment for you to do today. I know it works because a producer for Brit Hume tried it. Type out one of the memos on your computer using the Times Roman font on Microsoft Word. You will see that the formatting, the line breaks, the word wrap ... everything is exactly the same. Then print a copyof the memo on a transparent sheet of plastic and hold it up to one of the now-infamous memos CBS featured. See if they arent a PERFECT match.

So where does this leave CBS?  Other than the fact that they have been caught red-handed publicizing forged documents designed to bring down the president, it looks like they have a good amount of explaining to do.

CBS says they are standing by their reporting, releasing a statement saying "As is standard practice at CBS News, the documents in the 60 Minutes report were thoroughly examined and their authenticity vouched for by independent experts,"  But the Drudge Report quotes somebody inside CBS as saying that an internal investigation has been launched.  There's even talk of Dan Rather apologizing on the air and retracting the story if it turns out the documents are false.  That's must-see TV right there, folks.  Bush-basher extraordinaire Dan Rather having to apologize to George W. Bush, right on TV.  Priceless.

Anyway, the son of Colonel Killian says his father didn't write the documents, that they don't appear to have been created by him.  He would know, right?  His widow, Marjorie Connell, casts even more doubt over the whole thing:  "Number one, he would not have typed because he did not type.  Number two, the wording in these documents is very suspect to me. I just don't believe that, it looks like some things may have been picked up out of a document and then other things just made fictitiously to fill in things, to make them flow. I just can't believe that this is his words, my late husband's words."  Hmm.

The bottom line is that if you compare other documents from the time to the ones CBS used, they're not even close.  They're forged.  The question is, who did the forging?  Did somebody at CBS make them up?  The DNC?  The Kerry campaign?  What was the source? 

There is much more to come on this...stay tuned.


Just when it seemed like The Poodle's campaign had been successful in muzzling his Keeper, Tereeeeeza Heinz-Kerry is at it again.  What is she saying now?  Well, this is another dandy.

Speaking at an event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania yesterday, Mrs. Kerry told us that "only an idiot" would oppose her husband's health care plan.  In case you haven't heard, The Poodle's health care plan will cost hundreds of billions of dollars, if not trillions.  It includes health care subsidies for children, the unemployed, small companies as well as money for businesses and insurers to hold down costs.  Of course only an idiot would oppose this....until they get the bill.

When asked if she was selling her husband's plan, The Poodle's Keeper had this to say:  "I don't have to sell it - the people want it.  The common man doesn't look at me as some rich witch. I talk about what I see. It has always been so. You judge people not by their pocketbook but by their actions. Walk the walk."  Well, apparently you judge people by their actions, but not by their Senate voting record.  But why sweat the small stuff, right?

Anyway, the Kerry plan will do nothing to bring down the cost of health care.  All it will do is involve government more, spend more and more of our tax dollars, and do nothing to reign in the outrageous cost of malpractice lawsuits.

Besides, I didn't know The Poodle had a health care plan...I thought this election was about Vietnam.


So now we've had this new video released from Osama's Chief Deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri.  In it, he says that  "The defeat of America in Iraq and Afghanistan has become a matter of time, with God's help.  The Americans in both countries are between two fires, if they continue they bleed to death and if they withdraw they lose everything."  Apparently news must travel slowly to his cave, because our wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan have been an overwhelming success.  But why argue with a terrorist.

This should serve as a reminder.  Tomorrow is the third anniversary of the attacks on September 11th, in which 3,000 innocent American lives were taken by Islamic terrorists.  These were people  just like you and me.  They got up on September 11, 2001 and went to work.  They were sitting in their offices, or flying on an airplane or sitting at the Pentagon.  The thought that a band of Islamic thugs would smash an airplane into their building and end their lives wouldn't have seemed even remotely possible.  But it happened.  Al-Qaeda has now pledged to acquire a nuclear weapon and set it off, killing millions of Americans.  Have people learned the lessons of September 11th?

Since that time, more and more terrorists have been recruited and their hatred of the United States has only intensified.  They have been bolstered by a victory in Spain, where they successfully threw the election and put a spineless appeaser in office.  Right now, right where you sit, you are a target of Al-Qaeda.  These vicious bastards want to kill you and kill your family.  We are engaged in a world war, World War IV to be exact, and we cannot afford to lose.  The very existence of human civilization is at stake.

As you go to the polls in 53 days,  you have a choice to make.  A choice to continue to fight back and stand up against the child killers, or a choice to appease them.  The stakes have never been higher.


The media and the Democrats continue to make the case that invading Iraq was a mistake.  Only a fool would think so, says your Talkmaster in this week's Townhall column.

John Podhoretz has an excellent column on the erupting CBS document forgery scandal.

Bush National Guard document forgery central:  CBS News denies the documents are forged,  a son is questioning the memos attributed to his Dad and the widow of the man who supposedly created the documents casts doubt on them.

Here are PDF copies of the original documents...looks like something typed up in Microsoft Word in 2004.  Several experts say they are a hoax.

Why is it that every time George W. Bush is running in an election, the National Guard story gets recycled?  Rowan Scarborough takes a look.

Yet another new poll shows George Bush with a commanding lead over The Poodle.  Oh wait...when they show Democrats losing, polls don't matter.

Big Brother is rearing its ugly head in Chicago...Mayor Daley has outlined a proposal to link up cameras all over the city.  He must be looking for more dead people to vote for John Kerry.

A new study is out...New Yorkers pay the most taxes, and Tennessee residents pay the least.  Where does your state rank?

Rep. Ron Paul was unsuccessful in stopping the mandatory mental health screening of children.  Yet another reason not to turn your children over to government schools.

As we continue to fight the war on terror, Max Boot says George Bush can't afford inaction on Iran.  After all they're going to have nuclear weapons.

With Russia now facing their own war on terrorism, now is the time to forge an alliance with Putin.  Stanley Crouch explains.

Dick Morris looks beyond the Bush bounce toward the November election. He says the debates are likely to help Bush, because The Poodle's supporters are all over the place on Iraq and terrorism.

Bush is better positioned to be re-elected than The Poodle is to win in November, as George Will explains.

If you ever thought for a second that the media wasn't partisan, you need look no further than this National Guard business with George Bush.  The Media Research Center reports.

Here is part two of Thomas Sowell's series of columns about jobs....called Jobs and Snow Jobs.  Good information to keep in mind when you listen to all the nonsense being thrown around about jobs.

Yet again, more Islamic terrorists have committed atrocities in the name of Islam...and Jeff Jacoby wonders, where is the Muslim outrage?  The silence is deafening.

Vice President Cheney should be applauded for saying this country would be safer under the Bush administration than a Kerry one.  David Limbaugh has more.

World War IV is now underway, the war on Islamic terrorism.  Larry Kudlow makes the case that yes, indeed we are currently fighting a world war.

This strike probability graphic for Hurricane Ivan appears to send a message to Florida.

A groom had to stick bits of sock over his eyes after friends shaved his eyebrows off during his stag night.

The art of head shaving.

These are links to each individual story on the Nuze, p-links for the geeks out there. Plus, they work today and they'll work tomorrow. Now you can easily discuss/debate/rip apart the Nuze without worrying about the links going bad. Enjoy!

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