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Mark Arum

Reporter - Traffic, Talk Show Host

Mark has been a member of Triple Team Traffic since September of 1997. In addition to anchoring B98.5FM traffic coverage, he also lends his voice to traffic reports on WSB.

Previously, he worked as a sports writer in New York and Connecticut for eight years, covering professional and collegiate sports before moving to Atlanta. Mark graduated from Marist College in New York with a degree in journalism and public relations in 1996 and has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, ABC Nightly News and Inside Edition.

You can also hear Mark as the host of 'The Mark Arum show', weeknights from 10PM-Midnight on News 95.5 and AM 750 WSB.

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Latest from Mark Arum

Governor Deal’s State of Transportation

I hope metro Atlanta drivers paid close attention to Governor Nathan Deal’s “State of the State” address last week. If his words were any indication of what is important to the State of Georgia, your rides and out roads are a top priority. After hearing clips of the speech on ...

2015 bringing changes

Two thousand fifteen. Twenty fifteen. 2015. It feels weird typing that. It feels weird reading that. As a child of the 70's and 80's the year 2015 was the far off distant future. We got a glimpse of that possible future in the movie Back To The Future Part 2 ...

Cold weather is coming!

Frost officially arrived on my windshield last week, signaling the start of the winter driving season here in Atlanta. Before the real snow and ice arrive in the metro area, now is a good time to make sure your vehicle is winter-ready. The first thing I suggest you do is ...

Final day of toll collection on GA 400

No tolls, more traffic

Almost one year ago, November 21, 2014 the last toll was collected on Ga. 400. It marked the end of a twenty-year collection on the state highway. As the last 50 cent toll was collected Georgia Governor Nathan Deal beamed. “I made a promise that the tolls would end when ...

Uber in Atlanta

I was born into a taxi cab family. My dad was a cab driver. His father was a cab driver. His father’s father drove a horse and buggy. His father’s father was a rickshaw driver. I’ve got taxis in my blood. My favorite colors are yellow and black. My first ...

Expensive Commutes

Earlier this month the website released a study examining Atlanta traffic. Using census data, average gas prices and insurance premiums, the report attempted to identify the costliest commutes in the metro area.  I found the results quite surprising. According to their data here are the ten most expensive commutes ...

Traffic Technology

In the seventeen years that I've been reporting traffic in Atlanta there have been many technological advances that make my reports better, more accurate and more timely. The increased capabilities of the internet has been huge including email and traffic sensors. Social media has become a great way to get traffic ...

Punishment to fit the crime?

I was alerted to news this week out of Shenzhen, China, about a new punishment for ill behaving drivers. According to multiple news sources, the police department in Shenzhen has come up with a unique way to punish drivers who use their high-beams "inappropriately." Violators of whatever high-beam laws are currently ...

Annual Traffic Show

Last Tuesday WSB Radio held its semi-annual Traffic Show. One of the guests on the program was Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner Keith Golden. He answered listener’s questions on the air. Here is a sampling. Q: Why is traffic so bad on GA  400 southbound between Haynes Bridge and Holcomb ...

Concert Traffic

Usually I use this column as a vehicle, no pun intended, to give commuting advice, warn of expected construction, or tips on how to make your commute easier. For the first time since I began to pen this weekly piece almost four years ago, I am here to advise you ...



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