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Kirk Mellish


Kirk Mellish is Atlanta's first and only full-time radio meteorologist. He's also the FIRST broadcast meteorologist in Georgia and the Southeast to earn the American Meteorological Society's new Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) designation. Mellish is THE ONLY meteorologist in Atlanta to be certified by BOTH the AMS and the NWA, National Weather Association! Kirk has more than 30 years of experience in weather forecasting and has won dozens of awards for forecast accuracy and broadcasting excellence.

You can hear Kirk Mellish and his accurate and dependable weather forecast every six minutes mornings during Atlanta’s Morning News with Scott Slade.  AND listen for his exclusive 5-day forecast every morning at :18 and :48 past each hour.  Kirk is constantly updating his forecast.  You can also hear his weather in the newscast on the hour and half hour as well as :25 and :55 past the hour during Boortz, Clark, Hannity, and Erick Erickson.

Latest from Kirk Mellish

2.5 inches in Kennesaw wet clinging snow Wed. Feb 25, 2015.

Hit and Miss winter storm of Feb 25/15

As is always the case some were happy with what they got and some were not, there are always surprises in winter storms.

Light snow or snow flurries possible north of dashed pink line by Tuesday.

Volatile week of weather expect many forecast changes

On and off up and down chances for winter precip, expect changes.

If you missed the ice bucket challenge craze, just go outside with a glass of water and have at it. Hundreds of record lows may fall Thursday and Friday mornings across the east and south.

Another Arctic Attack

Yet another arctic attack.

Those "chances" in the weather forecast mean something. The number could prove too low or too high and will change with forecast updates.

The "chance" of understanding the chance

The snow Nazi says no snow for you. That's a reference to Seinfeld show "Soup Nazi" episode.

Big snowfall total forecast more right than wrong, but don't tell NY media.

Blizzard of right and wrong

BS Blizzard? Yes and NO. Blizzard of right AND wrong.

4am Sunday forecast discusion from NWSFO Atlanta

More damp than white

I am not worried about any impact from snow in the Metro area this week as of this posting.

Not much sun ‘til Friday: Week starts with damp commute

Last week’s weather was dominated by brutal cold. So your reward for that to begin the work week is some rain. And more rain. WSB meteorologist Kirk Mellish isn’t forecasting a sunny day until Friday this week, with at lease some chance of a bit of rain every day until ...

GFS ensemble guidance temps

Bi-Polar January continues

Chilly week then mild then cold again, the end of autumn start of winter pattern keeps repeating, multiple-personalities weather.

Gimmie some heat!

WSB meteorologist Kirk Mellish says we should finally get back above freezing today. Most places haven’t broken 32 since Wednesday afternoon. There are no advisories posted from the National Weather Service and the warmer temperatures mean school kids return to normal schedules today. No school districts announced plans to delay ...

‘Thaw’ from the deep freeze begins

It’s almost twice as warm this morning as it was 24-hours ago. Yet most people will be waking up to temperatures in the upper teens or lower 20s. Progress is slow. Once we get through another frigid morning, WSB meteorologist Kirk Mellish says we should finally get back above freezing ...



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