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WSB History

WSB History

90 years of Atlanta broadcasting history

Telegram authorizing "WSB"

WSB @ 90

The history of WSB is the history of an industry.  It’s the history of Atlanta.  And it’s the foundation of everything you hear on the air--or online―today.  There’d be no Neal Boortz or Cap’n Herb without a fellow named Lambdin Kay.  On our 90th anniversary, we're taking a look at the station through the years...

Many thanks...

Thanks to Kevin Fleming, Popular Music and Culture Archivist at Georgia State University Library's Special Collections and Archives for his assistance in gathering info, photos, and archival audio.  Photos used by permission.

Also, thanks to the late Mike Kavanagh for curating for so many years.

WSB at 90!

Video from 2003 that shows some our WSB talent and other Cox Radio properties. This was made for the Cox Enterprises Heritage Center located at our corporate headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

WSB History audio clips

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