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Special Section: Ebola Virus

Latest information about the Ebola virus

Ebola virus outbreak news

Liberia opens 1 of largest Ebola treatment centers

Liberia opens 1 of largest Ebola treatment centers

Liberia's president opened one of the country's largest Ebola treatment centers in Monrovia on Friday, remembering the days when "the dying, the sick, the dead who could not picked up on time" as officials hope the disease is on the decline in this West African country.

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Liberia short on ambulances for Ebola patients

Ebola: How it spreads

While health officials are casting a wide net to find people who may have been around the Ebola patient now hospitalized in Dallas, they're also stressing that it takes close contact to really be at risk.

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Ebola facts

Information from CDC. Images via Wikimedia Commons.

Ebola outbreak facts

What are the symptoms of Ebola, where has the virus been found and who has the biggest threat of being exposed?

Latest Ebola virus videos

Ebola virus

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