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Atlanta's Morning News Team

Atlanta's Morning News Team

(L to R) Kirk Mellish, Judd Hickinbotham, Amanda Moyer, Bill Caiaccio, Marcy Williams, Mark Alewine, Scott Slade, Richard Sangster

Triple Team Traffic

Atlanta Traffic Team

L-R: Kim McCarthy, Smilin’ Mark McKay, Ashley Frasca, Mark Arum, Doug Turnbull

WSB 24-Hour Weather Center

Get the latest weather from WSB's Kirk Mellish Atlanta's ONLY AMS and NWA Award-winning Certified Meteorologist.

Sunday morning roundtable 1/22

Sunday morning roundtable 1/22

Have Breakfast With Scott Slade!

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WSB Breakfast Break

Friday morning, Scott Slade brings McDonald's breakfast sandwiches to a local office. Tell us why your office deserves a break to win! Click to enter and see recent winners.


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Sunday 8am 11-30-2014

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Clark's Christmas Kids

Clark Howard's Christmas Kids

You can make a difference in the lives of roughly 7,000 kids in foster care who will need help this holiday season. 


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