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Boortz Commentary

Boortz gives his reaction to Donald Trump in a very Neal way. Take a listen:

Neal Boortz final show

Meet Neal Boortz

Neal Boortz lives because “Somebody’s gotta say it!”  Although the Boortz Show met its Happy Ending in January, you can still catch Neal Boortz on AMN at 8:45am on News/Talk WSB.

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    Boortz Commentary

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    Neal Boortz 2-27-17

    Neal Boortz Commentary

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    Farewell Boortz!

    Thank you.

    Rush salutes Neal

    Rush Limbaugh salutes Neal Boortz at The Boortz Happy Ending event at The Fabulous Fox Theatre!

    The loss of our colleague and friend

    Royal Marshall

    Remembering Royal Marshall

    There are no words available to express my personal sense of loss at the passing of Royal Marshall. It's no stretch to say that I loved that man like he was my own brother. Royal had an unmatched sense of humor and a quick mind that made him a natural for radio, and his dedication to his colleagues and friends was only exceeded by his intense dedication to his family. Our program, WSB Radio and the entire Cox family has lost part of its very soul this day. I ask that you keep Royal, his wife Annette and his two precious and much-loved little girls, Amira and Ava, in your prayers. -Neal Boortz

    Listen to the famous "Boo Got Shot" [1:53]

    A woman was interviewed for a story about a shooting. Royal Marshall translates.