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About Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson is Editor of and host of Atlanta's Evening News on News 95.5 and AM-750 WSB every weeknight 5 to 7pm.

Atlanta's Evening News Team

Atlanta's Evening News Team

(L to R) Jon Lewis, Chris Chandler, Pete Combs, Daphne Young, Chris Camp, Jennifer Griffies, Sabrina Gibbons

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Latest from Erick Erickson

The Moral Minority: What do Americans think about waterboarding

Turns out that 49% of people believe sometimes water boarding is justified. Further, 57% think it may lead to useful information.

I’m Not Laughing About OnBeep Anymore

I thought this looked hokey yesterday. It’s like the Star Trek communicator, but bulkier. It seemed silly.

House and Senate Republicans Might Legalize Bribery

Sources in both the House and Senate are expressing grave concern to me that Republicans are about to legalize bribery.

The Treasuries of God and the Treasuries of Man

We are a week removed from the “drubbing,” as the media chose to call what happened. The elation of conservatives is well deserved.

Don’t Let Victory Cover Over Weakness

The Democrats, in defeat, have one advantage the defeated always have — they get a more clear eyed assessment of defeat than winners get through the glassy eyes of celebration.

Producer Jared’s Corner

A changing trend: Why Blizzards suddenly cripple the U.S.

Do you remember a time when snowstorms in the Northeastern United States were just an afterthought? Nearly every year, massive snowstorms pummel the Northeast with crippling cold and several feet of snow.

Round 1: Congress vs. President Obama

It's been a crazy week, so we’ll keep it short and sweet. I’m sure many of you took the time to watch President Obama’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday night.

After beat down, Democrats really need to change their party

You’d think when we started 2015 that maybe, just maybe we could get some meaningful bipartisan Congressional progress.

Why Millennials will Ultimately Save the Day

Thankfully, the hypocritical Kennesaw City Council has spared themselves from a third consecutive week of criticism.

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Even Kennesaw will Surprise you

After complaints and a possible lawsuit, the Kennesaw City Council is likely to overturn their rejection of a mosque in a shopping center in Kennesaw.



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