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Erick Erickson is Editor of and host of Atlanta's Evening News on News 95.5 and AM-750 WSB every weeknight 6 to 8pm.

Atlanta's Evening News Team

Atlanta's Evening News Team

(L to R) Jon Lewis, Chris Chandler, Pete Combs, Daphne Young, Chris Camp, Jennifer Griffies, Sabrina Gibbons

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The new Dukes of Hazzard reboot

For your enjoyment.

John Boehner Will Fund President Obama’s Amnesty

I told y’all he was lying when he puffed his chest and said he’d stop the President. He had no intention of doing so.

Attention all members of the media — today is Ash Wednesday.

Attention all members of the media — today is Ash Wednesday. Every year one of you foolishly tells someone you are interviewing that they have a smudge on their forehead.

A Lot of You Would Be Angry Were It the Opposite

Apple has broken off a relationship with a lobbyist in Alabama because the lobbyist opposes gay marriage.

The Moral Minority: What do Americans think about waterboarding

Turns out that 49% of people believe sometimes water boarding is justified. Further, 57% think it may lead to useful information.

Producer Jared’s Corner

Producer Jared's 6th GOP Debate Rankings

This was a substantive debate and the candidates are very close in my rankings. Where they agreed: The candidates agreed that President Obama’s executive action on guns has not helped solve America’s mass shootings and the candidates were all for the Second Amendment.

Live Blog: Follow and interact with the GOP debate

This is a recap rundown of the Fox Business Network/WSJ GOP debate. Follow what the candidates said here!

Live Blog: Democratic Debate Recap

WSB's Jared Yamamoto live blogged the first Democratic debate. Check out the rundown below. 11:02 p.

Walker’s out: Who's next on the GOP guillotine?

Another one bites the dust. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry was first to concede, now Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has officially ended his bid for the Presidency of the United States.


This is a LIVE rundown of the GOP debate. Tweet LIVE with @wsbradio from 8-11pm. WSB's Jared Yamamoto is taking your questions and comments below.



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Herman Cain

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