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Jamie Dupree

Jamie Dupree

Updates from Washington DC

Obama stimulus law still chugging along

It has been over five and a half years since President Obama signed an economic 'stimulus' plan into law, and even though it was intended to immediately spur new economic growth, money from the original $787 billion package is still being spent by federal agencies in 2014, long after it was originally designed to create new jobs.

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Obama health law enrollment shrinks

After trumpeting "over eight million" enrollments just a few months ago in the exchanges for the Obama health law, a top Obama Administration official told Congress on Thursday that the latest report on the number of Americans signed up has shrunk by as much as 10 percent.

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Whistleblower labels Phoenix VA report a "whitewash"

The former VA doctor who blew the whistle on major troubles at veterans health facilities in Phoenix publicly accused internal VA investigators of downplaying his charges and issuing a report that was a "whitewash," telling lawmakers at a House hearing that he was forced to take his claims to the news media and Congress in order to get action.

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Special Benghazi hearings begin in U.S. House

Just over two years since four Americans died in an attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Libya, a special committee convenes Wednesday in the U.

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Immigration status could cost 115,000 health coverage

While federal officials have resolved hundreds of thousands of data discrepancies for consumers enrolled in the Obama health law, 115,000 people could lose their coverage at the end of September, because they have not been able to prove that they are U.

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Jamie Dupree is the Radio News Director of the Washington Bureau of the Cox Media Group and writes the Washington Insider blog. More about Jamie.