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Special Reports
Security detail at Burrell Ellis' home removed

Security detail at Burrell Ellis' home removed

Security detail at Burrell Ellis' home removed
Photo Credit: WSB-TV
A DeKalb County police officer sits in the neighborhood of CEO Burrell Ellis.

Security detail at Burrell Ellis' home removed

A Channel 2 Action News investigation first exposed round-the-clock security at the home of indicted DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis, even when he isn't there.

Now, we have learned the detail has been cancelled. Sources told Channel 2 investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer the new interim CEO, Lee May, asked the DeKalb County police chief to look into whether or not the officer was needed outside of Ellis' home, and on Wednesday the officer finally left.

Records show that security detail has cost taxpayers more than $1.6 million dollars in lost ticket revenue over six months.

"Well obviously the officers feel like it's a waste of resources. That's one officer that's not out answering calls," said Fraternal Order of Police President Jeff Wiggs, who is allowed to speak on behalf of DeKalb officers.

He says the 24-hour security ties up three eight-hour shifts every day, usually from the police department's tactical team.

"Anytime you take an officer off a detail such as TAC, that's their primary job is traffic enforcement," said Wiggs.

Recorder's Court Chief Judge Nelly Withers was wondering why county ticket numbers are so low this year.

"It certainly affects the county's revenue bottom line," Withers told Channel 2 investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer.

Withers said the TAC officers usually write an estimated 17 to 20 tickets per shift. She says a conservative estimate of 15 tickets per shift per day, equals more than 8,100 tickets missing so far this year. She says the average cost for budget projections is$200 each.

"And that includes anything that's not guilty, a dismissal, a warning," added Withers.

She said she's had to dismiss some cases because the TAC officers can't come to court.

"I'd call out an officer's name and have to reset a bunch of cases. I'd ask, 'Well where is this officer, because this unit is very good about coming to court?' and they'd say, 'Well he's on CEO detail,'" said Withers.

The officers said they are not allowed to leave the post for court, or any other reason.



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"It's the safest street in DeKalb County," said Wiggs.

In fact, there haven't been any burglaries in the immediate area where the officers sit, but Fleischer checked crime reports and noted 42 burglaries within just 1 mile of the CEO's home.

"It's probably a concern for the people that do live there. I bet it's also incredibly frustrating for the officer who's hearing the calls on his radio, knowing he's maybe a couple of streets away but he can't do anything about it," said Withers.

Ellis first took office in January 2009 and cancelled his full-timesecurity home detail after just two months. But he reinstated it Jan. 7, the very day district attorney's investigators raided his home and office with search warrants in a public corruption probe.

A grand jury indicted Ellis last month on 15 counts including theft and attempted extortion. He's accused of shaking down county vendors for large campaign contributions, and threatening future work if they did not comply.

In January, Ellis told Channel 2 Action News the officer stationed on his cul de sac was for traffic control purposes and had nothing to do with the search warrants.

A spokeswoman said the CEO has had some security challenges at his home, but would not reveal specifics.

As for the cost, she said using officers from another unit would still have a cost, just in another area; but that the CEO would consider budgeting it differently in the future.

She said the policy of officers not being able to leave to respond to nearby crimes in progress is up to the police chief.

Withers and Wiggs both cited tight budget times for the county, and suggested the money could be better spent on other department needs or for employees, who've been denied raises for several years.

"Even the citizens are raising eyebrows, and it's going to continue to add up until we stop this waste of time and money," said Wiggs.

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  • Samsung seems to be playing it safe with its first major smartphone since the embarrassing recall of its fire-prone Note 7. The Galaxy S8 features a larger display than its predecessor, the Galaxy S7, and sports a voice assistant intended to rival Siri and Google Assistant. But there is no increase in battery capacity, providing the battery more breathing room. The Note 7 pushed the engineering envelope with its battery, which contributed to a series of spontaneous smartphone combustions. The Galaxy S8 will come in two sizes, both bigger than last year's models. Both models have screens that curve around the edges and get rid of the physical home button. The Note 7 recall cost Samsung at least $5.3 billion. Though many customers remain loyal, any further misstep could prove fatal for the brand. 'We're in the process of earning back that trust,' said Drew Blackard, a senior director of product marketing for Samsung. In the U.S., Samsung will start taking orders Thursday, with shipments scheduled for April 21. Prices haven't been announced yet. ABOUT THAT BATTERY Samsung has blamed the Note 7 fires on multiple design and manufacturing defects in its batteries. Inspectors concluded that the initial batteries were too small for their capacity, and that their external pouch put pressure on the internal structure, leading to damage and overheating. Samsung recalled the phones and shipped replacements, but the newer batteries had welding defects and a lack of protective tape in some battery cells. Samsung recalled the replacements, too, and scrapped the phone. The company says phones will now go through multiple inspections, including X-rays and stress tests at extreme temperatures. The standard-size S8 phone has as much battery capacity as last year's Galaxy S7, but the phone is 4 percent larger by volume. The larger S8 Plus model has 3 percent less capacity than the Galaxy S7 Edge and the same capacity as the Note 7, but the phone's volume is larger by 12 percent and 6 percent, respectively. Both models have larger displays, meaning more drain on the battery. Samsung says that software and processor efficiencies will let the new phones offer all-day battery life under normal use. BIGGER, WIDER SCREENS The S8 phone's display measures 5.8 inches diagonally, compared with 5.1 inches on the S7. The S8 Plus will be 6.2 inches, compared with S7 Edge's 5.5 inches and the Note 7's 5.7 inches. Both S8 models are taller than their predecessors, but widths are roughly the same to preserve one-handed use. Samsung is getting rid of the 'Edge' distinction and bringing curved sides to all S8 phones. It's also minimizing the frame, or bezel, surrounding the display; gone is a horizontal strip with the home button at the bottom. Instead, Samsung is embedding a virtual home button in the display, leaving Apple's iPhones as among the few to sport a distinct home button. VOICE ASSISTANT Samsung claims its new voice assistant, Bixby, will do much more than rivals from Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon. For one thing, Samsung says Bixby will be able to handle any smartphone task currently managed by touch. Bixby will also offer information on books, wine and other products scanned with the phone's camera. But there's a major caveat: Bixby will work only with selected Samsung apps, including the photo gallery and messages. Not all touch commands will have voice counterparts right away. Other apps will be able to adopt Bixby, but Samsung has had a mixed track record in getting other companies to support its home-brewed functions like Bixby. 'I think the brand will struggle to compete in the longer term with the broader digital ecosystems from Google, Amazon or Apple,' Forrester analyst Thomas Husson said. OTHER FEATURES The front camera is getting a boost to 8 megapixels, from 5 megapixels, while the rear one stays at 12 megapixels. As with previous models, the S8 is water and dust resistant and features a memory card slot to supplement 64 gigabytes of built-in storage. The S8 will get an iris scanner to let people unlock the phone by looking at it ; the feature was new in the ditched Note 7 phone. Samsung will include premium earbuds from AKG, a brand it acquired when it bought Harman International. BEYOND THE S8 Samsung's virtual-reality camera, Gear 360, will now accommodate a higher resolution, known as 4K, and work with iPhones, not just Samsung phones. An optional docking station will turn the S8 phone into a desktop computer when connected to a regular TV. In that mode, people will be able to resize windows and work with several apps at once. It's similar to what Microsoft offers on its Windows 10 phones. Samsung also unveiled a router that doubles as a hub for internet-connected appliances and lights. Samsung said its previously announced Gear VR headset upgrade, which will now include a hand-held controller, will go on sale in April for about $130. Existing owners can buy just the controller for about $40. The company hasn't announced prices and release dates for the other accessories.
  • A hip-hop promoter arrested after a shooting involving hip-hop star Fetty Wap in his New Jersey hometown is also facing an armed robbery charge. Passaic County prosecutors say Raheem Thomas had a handgun and hollow point bullets when he was arrested on the armed robbery charge, so he's also facing weapons charges and a count of receiving stolen property. Thomas is due to appear in court Wednesday. It's unclear if he's retained an attorney. The shooting happened early Sunday on the street outside a Paterson deli. Police say Fetty Wap and several friends had become involved in a heated altercation with another group inside the deli. Three people were wounded, but Fetty Wap was OK. Thomas is also charged with aggravated assault and having a gun after previously being convicted of a felony.
  • Egypt's famed pyramids at Giza have a newcomer in their midst: the largest on-site antiquities laboratory meant to restore the location's second pharaonic boat. The vessel is believed to be the ceremonial boat of Pharaoh Cheops, known for building the largest of Egypt's pyramids. The project, funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency and the Higashi Nippon International University, is set to complete the initial phase of repairs of the 4,500-year-old vessel by 2020. Once reassembled, the vessel of the ancient Egyptian ruler will be displayed at the Grand Egyptian Museum, currently under construction on Cairo's outskirts and close to the pyramids at Giza. At the lab's inauguration on Wednesday, Eissa Zeidan, head of the project's Egyptian restoration team, told The Associated Press that the lab at the site of the Giza pyramids was necessary for some of the boat's 1,264 pieces, which are too fragile or large to move. According to Zeidan, the Japanese-Egyptian mission has completed the testing of material which will be used to restore the boat, a process that started in 2010. Kanan Yoshimura, a conservator on the Japanese team told the AP that they are using fillers and soft materials, and that the lab's temperature and humidity are adjusted to simulate the atmosphere in the pits where the pieces were stored for centuries. 'We will restore all of it, every piece is important,' Yoshimura said. The pieces of the vessel and its sister boat, recovered first, were found in five pits surrounding the Great Pyramid, which serves as Cheops' tomb, in 1954. Egypt reassembled the first boat with limited capacities which led to the replacement of some of its original parts. The boats are believed to have been buried with the pharaoh to carry him into the afterlife. The first vessel is currently displayed in a special, air-conditioned building where humidity is carefully monitored, on the grounds that includes all the three main pyramids — the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops, the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure, all within a few hundred meters (yards of each other. A few steps down a slope from the complex lies the Great Sphinx. The Great Pyramid is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that is still in existence.
  • The Trump administration has asked a federal appeals court to postpone ruling on the merits of President Barack Obama's sweeping plan to address climate change. The request late Tuesday came hours after President Donald Trump signed an executive order that seeks to roll back his predecessor's effort to curb carbon emissions. The regulations — known as the Clean Power Plan — have been the subject of long-running legal challenges by mostly Republican-led states and industry groups that profit from burning coal. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit heard arguments in the case last year and could issue a ruling any time. Environmental groups oppose any delay. A ruling in favor of the Obama-era rules could help environmental groups battle Trump administration efforts to undo them.