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Job creators fight back against Washington propaganda

A recent event I attended demonstrated the power of free enterprise and job creators, and also demonstrated the danger this nation will face if we don’t fight back against policies that threaten this amazing system.

Free enterprise is being destroyed in this country. This reality is so clear that an awful lot of business owners and job creators – folks who used to prefer simply focusing on their businesses and staying out of politics – are recognizing that they can no longer treat politics as a spectator sport.

So how do business owners fight back?

It starts with educating the public about the real dangers of Obama/Democrat policies – about the real threat to their jobs and to their livelihoods. And the best opportunity to do that is employer-to-employee communication, which is the whole idea behind the Job Creators Network. Founded last year as part of a broad group that included myself and Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus, Job Creators Network is designed to equip job creators with information they can pass on to their employees to counteract the propaganda they hear from Democrats and from the media.

Research tells us that employees tend to trust information they receive from their employers, so it makes sense that employers take the lead in educating employees on much of what is happening in this country. They hear from the media that health care is going to be free, but their employers can help them to understand the true costs. They hear from the Democrats that we need to tax the rich, but their employers show them the real impact of sucking capital out of the private sector.

I have already seen the power of this approach, so it was only driven home to me when we brought together such an exceptional group of leaders for the recent Job Creators Summit.

One of the most compelling presenters was Gallup CEO Jim Clifton, who explained that more than 1 million new businesses were starting every year prior to 2009. Since then, the number has declined to a mere 300,000 because of all the regulations and bureaucratic hurdles. These are things Washington sells to us as “consumer protection” or whatever, but the simple fact is that they prevent would-be employers from ever coming into being.

Bernie Marcus offered more detail about just how horrible the current environment is for business. No one wants to be a Johnny Raincloud, but the fact of the matter is that current policies are killing job creation – and those of us who understand this do no favor to anyone when we remain silent about it.

At the same time, conservative pollster Kellyann Conway told us that six million conservatives stayed home on Election Day last year. Six million! That would have made the difference to send Barack Obama to an early retirement. Maybe some of those conservatives are employees of a company that’s being strangled by federal regulations. Maybe they weren’t excited about Mitt Romney, but if they had understood what Obama policies are doing to their own job security, they very well might have gone to the polls.

I’ve heard some liberals expressing horror that employers might be “brainwashing” their employees in this way. That’s a good one! They’re perfectly happy to have folks absorb all the propaganda that comes from the Obama Information Ministry – er, I mean the media – but let their employer explain the impact on their own jobs, and it’s an outrage.

I think we’ll continue to commit outrages like that. The nation needs us to

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