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Posted: 12:00 p.m. Monday, Dec. 31, 2012

New GA law to help DUI drivers get license back

DUI offenders
Starting Jan 1, two-time DUI offenders must agree to install an ignition interlock, a device that checks to see if a driver has had any alcohol before it allows them to start their car. Those in treatment will also be eligible to reapply for a driving permit 120 days after their conviction.

By Daphne Young

Some new changes on Georgia interstates will make it easier for drivers involved in wrong way DUI crashes to get their license back earlier or get a limited permit.

New changes to the law will help repeat offenders, more than any other category.

William Head, DUI Attorney says, "The law as it exists now has many holes in it."

Currently, second time DUI offenders have to wait a year before they can apply for a driving permit.

But, beginning January 1, 2013, these offenders only have to wait 120 days to apply, only if they've completed or enrolled in a Court approved treatment program.

Head says, "The DUI changes help repeat offenders, more than any other category, to let treatment authorize them to get their license back."

These drivers must also get an ignition interlock which is a device that checks to see if you've had any alcohol before allowing you to start your car.

"This basically puts a premium on you getting your life straightened out and if you do and if you're in that type of program, you can get your driving privileges reinstated much earlier," says Attorney Head. 

Georgia Mothers Against Drunk Drivers agree with the change to the law, but want it to apply to first time offenders as well.

In a statement, GMADD writes, "we are in support of the changes, but do not think they go far enough.  We need to make sure that first time offenders are interlocked so they do not repeat offend."



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