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Posted: 10:45 a.m. Thursday, May 8, 2014

Georgia loves BBQ!

BBQ Cook-Off
BBQ Cook-Off

By Judd Hickinbotham

It's official -- we live in the number one barbecue state in the country.


TripAdvisor lists Georgia just above barbecue heavyweights North Carolina and Texas to take the top spot. While those other two states have their own sauce style, the rankings say no place beats Georgia.


The travel site bases its findings on the number of restaurants and the average ratings by its users.


There is one negative for Atlanta residents. The top three spots listed in Georgia are outside the metro area. In fact, barbecue lovers need to travel to Savannah, Blairsville or Blue Ridge to hit one of those restaurants.


But with over 500 different choices around the state offering different styles of 'cue, no place beats Georgia.


Missouri and Tennessee round out the top five.

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