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Posted: 3:40 a.m. Friday, May 18, 2012

Ga. Tech frat kicked off campus because of hazing complaints

By Amanda Moyer


A Georgia Tech fraternity has been suspended from campus for two years after hazing complaints.

The Beta Theta Pi fraternity has been on the campus since the early 20th century, but the school is taking its privileges away.

"Obviously hazing is against school rules, but it goes on a lot behind closed doors, no knows what goes on," student Nathan Rakitt told Channel 2 Action News.

Student Roxanne Moore says it's not entirely surprising.

"You have this intense academic environment and people try to counterbalance it with intense partying trying to prove they're socially worthy or whatever, said Moore.

The suspension resulted from violations of Tech’s student code of conduct, according to a notice posted on the Tech website.

“During a suspension, a chapter ceases any organizational activities, including any planned social functions at its campus residence. The investigation, assigned to the Dean of Students’ Office of Student Integrity, is ongoing,” the notice stated.

Channel 2 Action News obtained a letter to chapter members from the national office, in which the General Secretary wrote “hazing has permeated the chapter,” and that as a result of an investigation in collaboration with Tech, “a period of closure of the Gamma Eta Chapter is the most appropriate response.”

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