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Posted: 6:00 a.m. Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Animal groups team up to help Gwinnett farmer with skinny cows


84-year-old John Lamb gets help from community photo
84-year-old John Lamb gets help from community
Thin cows have neighbors worried photo
Thin cows have neighbors worried
John Lamb bottle feeds calf twice a day photo
John Lamb bottle feeds calf twice a day

By Sandra Parrish

Gwinnett County, GA —

An elderly Gwinnett County farmer who could face animal cruelty charges for having a herd of  malnourished cows is not only receiving an outpouring of support from the community, but now a couple of animal rights groups are stepping forward to offer help as well.

Anna Ware, vice chairman of the Atlanta Humane Society, says the organization is teaming up with PETA to do so.

“To offer financial assistance or placement to Mr. Lamb for his cows if he will accept our assistance,” she tells WSB’s Sandra Parrish.

Ware says she understands Lamb considers the animals as members of his family and the organizations would only place them with those who would treat them as pets.

She says they are still awaiting an answer from Lamb’s attorney.

Meantime, the 84-year-old man has already sold two cows and two calves on his own this week.

Lamb says people have brought him hay and feed and are even donating money.

So far Gwinnett County Animal Control has held off on charging him with animal cruelty despite finding extremely thin cows as well as ten dead ones on his property in recent weeks. 

A spokesman says if the county seizes them, it would have to keep and maintain the herd as pets for the rest of their natural lives.

Lamb says he feeds his cows but blames a bad crop of hay last season for leaving them malnourished and has also effected farmers elsewhere.

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