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Dive crews continue search for missing DeKalb grandmother

Dive crews continue search for missing DeKalb grandmother

Dive crews continue search for missing DeKalb grandmother

Dive crews continue search for missing DeKalb grandmother

Divers searched a DeKalb County lake Sunday to try and find a missing grandmother after her grandson was charged with murder in her disappearance.

Channel 2's Tom Regan looked on as divers from the DeKalb County Fire Department spent about seven hours combing parts of the lake near Chapel Hill Park, searching for Millicent Williams.

Her grandson is accused of killing her at her home no far from the lake, and then disposed of the body.

Divers scoured the muddy waters of the lake, hoping to find the missing grandmother.

Williams was last seen in her home, but when police searched it, they only found blood.

The evidence led investigators to charge her 37-year-old grandson, Gregory Williams, with murder, kidnapping and other charges.

"I can't remember anything like this happening in our area," search volunteer Mildred Ray told Regan.


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Ray recruited her granddaughter, Heather, to help search for Millicent Williams in the woods near the lake.

'I'm very concerned about this older lady, because this is like my grandmother and grandmothers do a lot for their grandkids," Heather Ray said.

Police say the accused grandson has obtained an attorney and is not giving them any help in the search.

"This is just one of the places that we have to check and eliminate as a possibility," Sgt. Bryan Danner with the DeKalb County Police Department told Regan.

Lavida Bennett, who heads up the local HOA, hope that the crews will find Williams.

"This is truly an unfortunate situation. This is usually a quiet neighborhood over here. I just hope they find her," Bennett told Regan.

Police investigators haven't decided whether they will resume the search for the missing grandmother on Monday or move to another location.

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