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  • The Mark Arum Show 02-20-17

    Tonight on a Movie Monday edition of The Mark Arum Show we discuss all female cast movies and celebs that went from TV to Movies.

  • The Mark Arum Show 2 - 17 - 17

    Mark talked with Steve Byrne, Anderson Cooper, and Billy Gardell on toinghts show.

  • The Mark Arum Show 02-16-17

    In the wake of Presidents Trump's press conference Mark and the boys ask the audience to weigh in plus Would You Rather with Little Sanjay (aka Vinny from TV) and a Fast Food Review with Johnny Kielbasa.

  • The Mark Arum Show 02-15-17

    Mark and the boys discus cursing in the workplace and play Blessed or Not Blessed with the Lonely Tailgater.

  • The Mark Arum Show 02-14-17

    On this Valentines Day Mark talked about the water wars and the firefighters getting ripped off. also a ffr with Johnny Kielbasa

  • The Mark Arum Show 02-10-17

    Tonight on the show mark talked with Mackenzie Phillips, Craig Lucie and talked about what places you haven't seen in Ga.

  • The Mark Arum Show 02-09-17

    Tonight on a special edition of The Mark Arum Show - we fill in for the conservative viking Erick Erickson and cover breaking news stories with special guests Neal Boortz / Bill Crane / Lil Sanjay / and Johnny K.

  • The Mark Arum Show 2-8-17

    Tonight on The Mark Arum Show we discuss Low T's breakout reality TV performance, and play blessed or not blessed.

  • The Mark Arum Show 02-06-16

    Tonight on The Mark Arum Show we talk about movies that you wish could have ended differently.

  • The Mark Arum Show 02-03-17

    Mark and the gang along with Jay Black preview the big game this weekend.

  • The Mark Arum Show 02-02-17

    Mark and the boys get to the bottom of Longoria's medical episode today with only the soundest of medical advice plus Jewish circumcision.

  • The Mark Arum Show 02-01-17

    Mark and the guys get ready for Super Bowl Sunday and a Falcons win!!

  • The Mark Arum Show 01-31-17

    Mark has on Erick Erickson to talk about President Trumps SCOTUS announcement tonight and Johnny Kielbasa with a Fast Food Review.

  • The Mark Arum Show

    movie monday

  • The Mark Arum Show 1-26-17

    Tonight on The Mark Arum Show we discuss how ATL can help the Falcons rise up for the big game! With special guest appearances by Johnny K / Lil' Sanjay / The Lonely Tailgator / and digital producer Nicole Bennett.

  • The Mark Arum Show 1-25-17

    Tonight on The Mark Arum Show we discuss traffic at the new Braves stadium with special guests Doug Turnbull and Smilin' Mark Mckay.

  • The Mark Arum Show 1-24-17

    Tonight on The Mark Arum Show we discuss the new legislation that would allow casinos to come to GA. Special guests include - Bill Crane / Sandra Parish / Richard Elliot / Johnny K.

  • The Mark Arum Show 1-23-17

    Today on The Mark Arum Show we discuss the Falcons making it to the big game, and have a quick version of Movie Monday. Special Guests on the show include - Clark Howard / Jay Black / Jeff Schultz.

  • The Mark Arum Show 01-20-17

    Tonight on the show we get reaction to the inauguration of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the most awkward social situation ever.

  • The Mark Arum Show 1-19-17

    Tonight on The Mark Arum Show we do a special pre inauguration show for the CMG Network. Special guests include - Neal Boortz / Mark Kaye / Erick Erickson.

25 items
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