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Erick Erickson Podcast  

Erick Erickson is host of the Erick Erickson Show on AM750 and now 95.5FM News/Talk WSB. Erickson moved from conservative blogger to conservative talker and joined WSB full time in January after a successful stint as a guest host of the Herman Cain Show.

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  • The Erick Erickson Show 04-23-15

    Erick is live from The Five Seasons Brewery talking about the Clinton foundation scandal, interviews Senator Hunter Hill on Craft Beer legislation that passed earlier this session.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 04-22-15

    Erick discusses liberals vs. conservatives and where they get their news. Also it's Earth Day and the controversial history behind it plus another terrorist attack was foiled In France.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 04-21-15

    Erick talk about ISIS and transgender bathrooms. Also Leon from RedState joins Erick discussing little league baseball and police in the security state.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 04-20-15

    Erick talks about how RFRA has triggered abortion law flare-ups throughout Georgia and puts to context World War 2 and why the Obama administration is breaking down old boundaries and attempting to recreate the world order.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 04-17-2015

    Erick talks about the larger take-away's from ESPN reporter Britt McHenry's meltdown and Ryan Anderson's former school apologizing they linked to a feature piece on him.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 04-16-15

    Erick talks about Hillary and her bumbling campaign, the idea of free range children and his interview with Chris Paronto for the After Show.

  • The Erick Erickson Show - Chris Paronto Interview

    Erick interviews Chris Paronto the author of 13 Hours. Chris talks about what he say on the ground the night of Benghazi attack that took the life of a US Ambassador.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 04-15-15

    Erick updates the APS Cheating scandal, Hillary Clinton and her astroturf campaign in Iowa.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 04-14-15

    Erick is live from Cross Creek Cafe talking about the sentencing of the teacher cheating scandal and analysis of the presidential candidates.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 04-13-15

    Erick talks about Hillary's presidential campaign announcement as well as Marko Rubio's.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 04-10-15

    Erick talks about Hillary Clinton announcing her bid for the presidency this weekend via social media, how she's avoiding unscripted appearances and what happened to Rand Paul in an interview.

  • the Erick Erickson Show 04-09-15

    Erick reflects on the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War and his fond memories at CNN. He discusses the war�™s impact on modern society and life lessons from CNN.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 04-08-15

    Erick commends Sen. Rand Paul for attacking the mainstream media. He also discusses why we can't use the word "Hillary" before and during Hillary Clinton's expected campaign.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 04-07-15

    Erick elaborates on Rand Paul's presidential announcement while teasing Marco Rubio's expected announcement which is set for next week. Erick also touches Ferguson, rape, and much more.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 04-06-15

    Erick elaborates on UVA's decision to sue Rolling Stone on their false allegations. He also defines the ideal religious freedom law needed in Georgia.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 04-03-15

    The Good Friday Show.

  • The Erick Erickson Show - You will be made to care. Revisited. 03-31-15

    Erick revisits the phrase he coined one year ago "you will be made to care" and the fallout of Indiana's religious freedom legislation.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 03-27-15

    Erick talks about RFRA getting tabled in the Georgia legislature, Obama's handling of Iran and what it means for the middle east.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 03-25-15

    Erick talks about Ted Cruz and his decision to go on Obamacare, Isis and their influence across the Middle East, and Georgia politics affect on the people.

  • The Erick Erickson Show 03-24-15

    Erick talks about Obama and his administrations whining about the results of the Israeli election and how Georgia Republicans in the leadership are siding with Democrats to defeat RFRA.

25 items
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