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Rainfall needed to eradicate drought continues to grow in many areas of Georgia.

Drought deepens, hit or miss storms not enough

The hit or miss feast or famine storms not enough to balance heat so drought worsens.

1-3 day average rainfall forecast amounts from WPC.

At least normal rain chances continue, so does drought

We may not yet be putting a dent in the drought, but at least it's not worsening-- for now.

Heat ridge depiction forecast from American model.

Long, hot summer of our discomfort

The lack of rain lets dry soils help make for a hotter summer.

Rain Tuesday June 28th: heavy in spots, but mostly light, with more misses than hits.

Georgia drought update, been dry since winter ended

We saw above-normal precipitation in winter, but ever since it has been dry for almost 5 months.

Severe drought now in much of the Atlanta area.

As feared drought in Georgia worsens

As I feared in my blog back in May and on June 2 and 9 drought deepens in Georgia.

Severe drought NW Georgia abnormally dry south Atlanta, moderate drought much of Atlanta and rest of north GA.

Drought in much of Georgia

Drought continues to plague crops lawns and other plants without irrigation.

Low grade short-term drought in parts of Georgia.

Incipient drought in Georgia

Scattered thunderstorms welcome to stave off drought in Georgia.

Analog based summer temperture departure from normal.

Outlook for Summer

Definitely not expected to be a cool summer, but not brutally hot either (June-August average)

North American Ensemble temp projection.

Summer preview

After the recent cool spell, mother nature turns up the heat

Multi model suite forecast of ENSO.

Preliminary summer weather outlook

Early odds have this summer in Georgia being normal to warmer than normal with near normal rainfall.

596 items
Results 1 - 10 of 596next >